DIY Happy Planner Bible Study Guide

I’m excited to share another faith planner post. This time, it’s a DIY bible study guide. I’ve been sharing quite a bit of my wellness planner throughout the year thus far, but it’s really just a faith planner. Well, that’s all that is in it at the moment. I’ve finished reading What On Earth Am I Here For: The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren and I have much more to share on the book. Stay tuned for more content surrounding the text.

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Materials Used

In creating this bible study guide, I went with the page protectors that go along with the mini faith Happy Planner I’m using. These pages are pretty much like baseball card holders with different sizes to fill with what you want. Many people use these pages for memory keeping, I decided to use it. The package comes with 12 for just $4.99 which I think is a great price point for all you receive.

In addition to the page protectors, I used scrapbook paper. I had some on hand that was faith themed paper pad I scored on clearance from Hobby Lobby.

Bible Study Guide

I went through what I had read and there were many sections that stood out to me. This book in particular was broken into 42 days and that is how I studied the book. Certain passages stood out to me more than others. For the sections that stood out to me I simply put the topic on the front and on the back, the notes from the page. This way when I flip back and forth between the two I’ll be able to memorize the brief information.

In choosing the placement, I wasn’t too picky with it. I just went with what I knew would fit on the slots within the page protector. The book was broken into 5 purposes (categories) and this study guide was from one of the purposes. As I create a few more in correlation with this text, I could create one for each of the purposes that summarizes it. The other option is to choose days that stood out to me (as I did above) and continue to study that way.

Additional Options

This is also great to do with sermon notes and scripture memorization. With sermon notes you can break it down by the scriptures, topic of sermon, song related to topic, and personal reflection.

Scripture memorization goes beyond just the standard of writing the scripture on the front and the verse on the back. You can break the scripture down into your own words and study that way. Of course, if you’re looking for a verbatim option, the latter will suffice.

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