Episode 5: Low Income Budget Series – How I Saved Over $1000

This is a post I’m excited to share. I’ve been sharing my financial journey with you all from the highs and lows to all the mishaps in between. You can keep up with the full series here. This particular post I wanted to share how I saved over $1,000 within 2 months or so with a limited income. Yes, it can be done. Let’s get to it!

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial expert or accountant. I am on the road to financial freedom like many others and decided to document my journey.

What Was I Saving For (Need/Want)

My boyfriend, my brother, and I are huge wrestling fans. It’s our form of entertainment and every year there’s the show of shows called Wrestlemania. If you’ve ever watched wrestling, excuse me, professional wrestling at one point in time, you’ve probably heard of WWF/WWE.

This year the show is in my backyard, New Jersey. It was here a few years ago and my brother and I decided the next time it was here, we’d be there. Well, look at our dreams coming true.


If I had to put this in a category of need/want, of course it’s a want. A want that I’ve wanted for a long time. When it comes to spending my money on anything, small or large. I think to myself – how long can I wait for it? Do I need it right now? Thankfully the money was saved overtime so I was able to balance my needs, priorities, and still save.

How Much Did I Need To Save

Although we didn’t plan on spending thousands of dollars on these tickets, yes they get that high, we did have a preference. We wanted to sit in the 100 section of the stadium which has seating that goes into the 300s. We first wanted to get somewhat in the middle of that section, but as time went on, the prices went up and we had to go for seating off to the side.

With the seating change and change in prices – our total went from $1800 for 3 tickets to $1200 for 3 tickets.


In tracking the progress, I used a piece of paper, cut in half, and used stickers from the Happy Planner budget sticker book. The stickers were broken into three different sections with a total at the bottom. I added the title categories – Date, Deposit, Total.

  • Date – Day money was put in savings
  • Deposit – How much was put in savings
  • Total – Amount of savings with current deposit

The goal each month was to save $250. We had to scale back some certain weeks, but for the most part we stuck to our goal. It was even easier for us to adjust when we had to change the seating that we wanted. The date that we wanted to purchase was January 18th, but no later than January 25th. We set the date of purchase in correlation with our pay days.

Was I Successful?

Even with December and the holiday season we were successful in saving money for the tickets. We (my boyfriend and I) were even able to cover the cost of my brothers ticket. I was torn between buying tickets from StubHub or Seat Geek. Both give access to cashback from Ebates.

For those that don’t know what Ebates is, it’s super easy. All you have to do is signup, download the plug in and shop as usual. Since so many of you are online shoppers out there, there’s plenty of cash back that you can get with just a click of a button. Click the Ebates logo on the side and once your purchase is made you get a percentage back.

In terms of how much I made back from Ebates for my StubHub ticket, it was $31.40. The percentage back is 4%. While my total was slightly over $1100, Ebates does not give you cash back for the fees incurred. Cash back is only for the purchase, not taxes and fees. You’ll receive your cash via PayPal or check. The date of payment is listed in your account.

Interested in Ebates – you can sign up here and get a welcome bonus of $10.

What Worked, What Didn’t?

I would say that overall what we did worked flawlessly. The only thing we really had to adjust was if we needed to take money from savings to the checking when needed. In total, we saved for 8 weeks. Out of those 8 weeks, 4 had a savings of $250 or more.

Even with the smaller amounts we saved for the other 4 weeks, we reached out goal. In January alone we saved $540 which bought our total to $1200.02.

What’s Next?

I would say next time to avoid having to transfer money to set a goal of $150, minimum, instead of $250. This will allow us to still handle our priorities while still managing to save. Of course in cases where we can save more, we will.

Interested in what I use to stay on top of my budgeting, check out some of my favs below:

You can sign up for Ebates through my link here:


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