How I Faith Plan

For the past 31 days I have been committed to reading the book by Rick Warren, What On Earth Am I Here For. When I first heard of this book it was during a Michael Phelps interview in 2016 about his road to recovery and journey back to the Olympic team. Ever since then I’ve been wanting to read it and I made it a priority at the top of his year.

Here we are at the end of the month and I have 11 more days of reading so I wanted to share my tactic in reading along with updates to my wellness planner.

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Planner I’m Using + Updates

While I’m not using a Happy Planner for daily planning, I am loving the mini horizontal Happy Planner I set up. I’m using it as a wellness planner overall in which I can not only faith plan, but keep any information on depression/anxiety as well as tracking my irregular sleep schedule. It’s an all in one – mind, body, and soul.

When I first received this planner (by way of a tricky tray), I thought – do I really need another planner? I thought I had my planner system situated. Still, I decided to give it a shot. I mean, why not, right?

Note: Don’t force yourself to use a planner. You can always gift it away or reuse it at a later time.

As for what I added, I divided the planner into 3 sections –

  • Faith
  • Wellness
  • Notes

The dividers and notes paper I added are Happy Planner products. I also added pockets to the front and back covers which are great to hold sticky notes and other odds and ends.

Do You Need a Dated Planner to Faith Plan

Absolutely not!

Although this planner was dated as I started using it, I realized the date didn’t matter. Since I am reading a book divided into 42 days, I marked each day as such. January ended after 31 days. So,to not confuse myself, I numbered the days to match the book versus the weekly layout.

How to Make Use of the Monthly View

My monthly view at this current time is being underutilized. For the month of January into February I marked off the reading for each day and color coded based on the sections of the book. Still, I never referred to it. The next book I’ll be reading starting mid-February, Battlefield of the Mind (Joyce Meyer).

There are so many bible plans out there that you can utilize and transfer them into your monthly planner. A simple google search, Pinterest, or Facebook groups give you plenty of options.

Adjusting the Weekly Layout in a Dated Planner

The best thing about following a plan is that you make it work for you. While the planner may be dated, you can simply cover the dates and relabel according to the days of your plan. For me, this book is broken into 42 days so I simply covered the dates with stickers and wrote the date. That easy and no stress if I don’t read on that particular day.


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