Inexpensive Sticker Storage | Cheap Planning

I love sharing inexpensive storage options with you all and I thought it’d be the perfect time to share how I store my stickers. Hopefully from the options listed below y’all find one to help you get your sticker stash under control.

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Falling into the Planner Trap

When you start planning, what usually happens is you fall into the planner trap. Especially if you have social media, you can’t help but see stickers, pens, washi, and planners of all sizes on your feed. It’s hard to resist. I mean, everything looks cute right? You #buyallthethings and you end up not loving it all or have no organization for it. Well, let me help you get your sticker problem under control.

My Sticker Organization

Since I discovered the planner community in 2015, I’ve fallen into the planner trap plenty of times. Some items I had to destash, others I have hoarded. Still, I’ve created a concise system that gives me easy access to my stickers when I’m not only planning, but working on other projects as well.

  • Binders
  • Discbound notebooks
  • Elastic
  • Photo boxes
  • Accordion folders
  • Pouches


I love my mini binders and I currently have four that I use to corral my stash. I purchased 3 of them for Target ranging $3-$4 and one was given to me. Dollar Tree also has mini binders, if you can find them. The sheer protectors you can find at your local office store.

Now that you have the system to store your stickers, let’s take it a step further and categorize. Within the sheet protectors think about the categories you want to organize your stickers. Look at like groups – you may have one from a particular collection or brand. Mini binders will work for any stickers – especially those who have accumulated sticker kits.

I have mine sorted through 3 binders as I’m still working on the 4th. I have one specifically dedicated to my seasonal stickers in which it’s divided by season and then holidays that fall within. The others are functional with labels, emojis, school – whatever categories make sense to you. It’s YOURS!

Discbound Notebooks

I shared a DIY on how I’ve created dicbound sicker books. Happy Planner even has a kit you can buy to organize your books. I took the plunge and took all my sticker books a part and organized them by like stickers. For example, in my functional sticker book I grouped all he box stickers together, the clear stickers together, phrases, checkboxes, checklists, etc.

When I initially created this system I wanted to flip to stickers all in the same category versus flipping through multiple books. It’s not like I knew what was in what anyway. The only thing is that these books are heavy and not the most convenient to take on the go. I love using them in my office, but I won’t be making anymore. The 4 that I have are enough. Plus, Happy Planner comes out with sticker books so often, it’s tedious to continue making books. I have a simple solution to keep those organized and together.


In looking into an easier way to store my Happy Planner sticker books I saw that many had added elastic to the top where there’s a hole to keep the pages from coming a part. Smart option, but I wasn’t going out and buying elastic.

Then I came across an AtHomeWithQuita video in which she took the elastic at the bottom Of the book, cut it, and attached it to the top. So simple yet genius. For all the new sticker books I purchased, that’s what I did and it took seconds. If you’re looking to further organize, you can purchase tabs from Quita’s shop or write in the sticker book with a Sharpie pen (metallic) on the top binding.

Note: For the smaller Happy Planner sticker books you can use the same method. I only have 3 so I keep them all together with a binder ring.

Photo Boxes / Albums

If you’re not into being super organized with your stickers, but want to have them semi-together photo storage is a great option. Photo boxes are clear, hard plastic with closures and easy to mix and match stickers you want to use in your planner spread. You might want to group your stickers together form a particular Etsy shop.

Many in the planner community use photo albums. There are ones you can buy from Etsy shops. If you want a budget friendly, head to Dollar Tree or Walmart and pick one up for $1. These are perfect for those smaller sheets that you are unsure of how to store such as shop samplers.

Accordion Folders

Aside from binders, accordion folders are a popular option for sticker storage. I’ve used a Darice Spectrafile (Amazon) for years to keep my Etsy stickers in one location. This folder, unlike any other stands on its own. There are two sizes available at the container store is you can either close the folder or keep it open for easy access. There’s also the ones you can get from Dollar Tree and Target for $1. I’ve since cleaned that one out and no longer use it. The one I have remaining is one sized 8.5″ x 11″ for all my larger sticker sheets.


The laziest way to organize your stickers are to make use of all those pouches you’ve been hoarding. Yes they’re cute, but you may not remember what you put in them so it’s not the most functional option.

Clear of mesh pockets which you can find at Dollar Tree if you’re lucky are great to organize what you have. Dollar Tree also has larger pouches with a slide loc around back to school time which is great to organize larger stickers along with items for a particular project.

The Container Store also has mesh and clear pockets. The smaller ones are just $1. The mesh one has a zip closure and the clear, a snap closure.

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