How to Make a Vision Board That Really Works – Episode 1: Self Care Saturday

I am on a roll with the various series on my blog this year which is truly the best way to divide my content. This series is all about self care. There will be a new episode the last Saturday of every month filled with tools to become a better you and to deal with any mental health challenges. There will be a mix of laid back and serious topics, but I feel it all should be addressed.

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Failed Vision Boards

I took a different approach of creating my vision board this year. I created one for my planner, well it’s more of an inspiration board filled with positive affirmations and my word of the year – crush.

Vision boards that I’ve created in the past have never worked for me to be completely honest. I would create them yet the goals were never specific. Not to say they were far fetch, but they served more as decor than an actual tool. After seeing some inspiration on YouTube, I found a new approach to create a board to make my goals come true.

Creating the Vision Board

For this vision board, I ditched the magazines and went straight to writing down my goals of what I wanted to achieve. These were not an overview nor lofty, I made them as specific as possible.

  • Additional source of income
  • 5K followers on YouTube
  • 2K+ followers on Instagram
  • 500K views on YouTube
  • Attend Wrestlemania
  • Start wrestling podcast with brother
  • Launch NHC merch
  • Launch Chaotic Critic merch
  • Finish 5+ books
  • SAVE money

I found an image to correspond with each of my goals. For instance for the book, a stack of books would suffice. For my Instagram and YouTube goals, I searched the amount of followers/subscribers/views on google and simply printed them out.

A project of mine I’m super excited to be working on, aside from the podcast, is my branded merch. I took a plain clip art t-shirt and used the app Phonto to write in what I wanted it to say. Once I found an image for each of my goals, I printed them out on photo paper and assembled them on an 8.5″ x 11″ paper with double stick tape. The type of paper I was using was thicker so I opted for tape versus glue.

Where to Display the Vision Board

As previously stated, my previous vision boards would serve as decor because I barely looked at them. They became just another fixture in my office. Plus, the placement was always off to the side instead of next to my work area so that I could visibly see it every time I sat at my desk.

This time, I put the vision board directly next to my desk so I can see it everyday. Furthermore, I put it in my planner and it’s the first thing I see when I open it. For this I made a grid of all the images using a grid app in my iPhone. Nothing fancy, just a visual reminder. I didn’t stop there. I wrote out my goals in my planner on a page so that I could mark off once they were accomplished. Again, nothing fancy but it works. Plus it’ll be great to look back to see how long it took to accomplish what I had on my list.

What’s Next

The overall goals are not the end for me. Once I accomplish a goal I’ll annotate that I completed it with a small dot sticker. I do plan on adding to the list which is why I decided to write them out again to give myself room to grow. I’m excited about what I’ve accomplished so far which includes:

  • Going to Wrestlemania, tickets purchased!
  • Starting a Wrestling podcast – logo created, mics purchased, 1st episode coming midnight Sunday – 1/27/19.

Cheers to everyone crushing their goals this year. It’s only the beginning!

Ready to create your own vision board?

Check out my previous versions here

One thought on “How to Make a Vision Board That Really Works – Episode 1: Self Care Saturday

  1. That was a really great post and gave me the idea to redo the one I have at home! Thank you for your content. I really enjoyed your content! Good luck with your YouTube and Podcasts!!!!

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