Organizing Die Cuts and Ephemera | Cheap Planning

I’ve decided to relaunch my Cheap Planning series in 2019. There’s so many affordable supplies plus storage options that are worth sharing. Most importantly, in the planner community it’s easy to go out and buy everything you see. This series is all about making things on your own and customizing specially for you and your day to day life. Today, I wanted to share the solution I found to storing my die cuts and ephemera.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

Previous Storage

Trying to organize die cuts and ephemera can be difficult because they’re all different sizes. I’ve used a variety of systems, yet none really worked out. Here’s some ideas:

  • Old cd cases | Problem: smaller pieces would fall out
  • Photo Boxes | Problem: wouldn’t stay closed and bulky
  • Original cellophane packaging | Problem: different sizes caused for no concise storage solution. All thrown in a box and rarely used.

Another option would be to use $1 photo albums that you can find at Dollar Tree or Walmart. The flat ones work best versus ones with a large spine. You can divide your die cuts as you wish whether it’s by color or style and use labels on the sleeves for further organization.

Current Storage

After researching on YouTube I found the best option would be clear, plastic CD sleeves. I found a pack of 100 on Amazon for around $8 and with Prime, free shipping.

I went and took all my die cuts that were in photo boxes and put them into these sleeves. The new ephemera I purchased for $1.99 a pack at Tuesday Morning had a new home as well. For those that I had in cellophane bags I moved some into the new system. Others I left as is as I don’t reach for those often unless I’m working on church projects.

To keep the sleeves closed I went with Velcro dots. The plastic is durable enough to withstand wear and tear throughout the years. Also I’m not afraid of water damage with this system or losing pieces. When I’m ready to use one, I simply take it out the bag and put back the pieces when I’m done.

I do not have any of my sleeves labeled at the moment. I honestly don’t see a reason to. The collection is not too extensive to where I can’t easily find what I’m looking for. Whenever the container is full, then I can go in and label. I would use card stock in between instead of labeling the sleeves themselves.

Where to Buy Die Cuts / Ephemera?

Your local craft store will have ephemera. All of the Christmas packs in my collection I scored at Tuesday Morning for $1.99. Michaels has great seasonal options available. You can also buy digital designs from various Etsy sellers and online craft stores. For those that purchase from an Etsy store, print the design out on either card stock or photo paper so that it’s thicker. Then cut it out and voila – there’s your die cut. If you have a cutting machine such as a Cricut , you’d get a more precise cut, especially for those smaller pieces.

Check out the links below to purchase the clear CD cases I have in my system plus die cut/ephemera options:

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