Planning for 2019 | Social Media Planner

I’m so excited for what’s to come here on Chaotic Critic during 2019 and the Planning for 2019 series keeps rolling. I kept certain posts specific for this year so that I could go into further detail as to how I’d be using them. This post is about my Plum Paper monthly planner that I’ll be using as my social media planner.

Disclaimer: This planner was sent to me for review for this series. All opinions are my own.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

My 2019 planner lineup consists of the following –

  • Daily, Stalogy
  • Faith, Mini Happy Planner
  • Budget, Classic Happy Planner (Budget Extension Pack)
  • Chaotic Critic, Plum Paper Planner

Creating My Social Media Planner

I love the customization that Plum Paper offers. The planner I previously tried was a weekly version and I wanted something else as my blog planner. I keep my daily activities for Chaotic Critic in my bullet journal, but I wanted something else for my blog.  My social media planner is the central location for me to brainstorm content monthly/quarterly/annually, set goals/expectations, and schedule.

As for the cover, I wanted it to have the year as well as my blogs name. This is something that I will keep and reflect on in the future. Having the year is best for archiving. Furthermore, I decided to go with a plaid print as it will work all year round. Granted, I’m the only one that’s seeing it. Still, since it’s not a cover that can be changed, I wanted something neutral.

Layout and Add-Ons

I went with the monthly layout. The previous Plum Paper planner I had was a weekly. That one I used for “rewind” spreads, but I wanted one specifically for curating blog content throughout the year. The blog and social media sections are great for me to schedule the posts I want for the month as a hard copy and to have them for future reference. The social media section specifically aids me in generating Instagram content around my posts for the week / month.

Is the Planner Helpful?

I will say that having a designated spot for all things Chaotic Critic is beyond helpful. I know many just use one notebook for everything, but I wanted something that I can refer back to in the future. I don’t like having everything scattered and to take this brand to the next level, I need to step it up. I truly enjoy the planner and will adjust the pages to work for me as the year continues.

Still in search of a planner for 2019?

Check out my Planning for 2019 series here!

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