Planning for 2019 | Stalogy

I recently shared my 2019 planner lineup and I wanted to take it a step further by going into more detail on each of he systems I’ll be using this year. Yes, there’s more than 1 planner in my lineup, but each serves a specific purpose.

Today’s post is all about my every day carry, my bullet journal, my Stalogy.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

Size + Pricing

When I was using a traveler’s notebook I really enjoyed the B6 size and knew I wanted the same size in a bullet journal. I used a dot grid notebook from AC Moore for the latter part of 2018, but I wanted something more “official” since I had committed to the style. I saw many people on Instagram using a Stalogy in the past and I was happy that it was offered in a B6.

Amazon has the Stalogy priced under $20. The B6 size is also meant for the entire year, but I’ll just keep using mine until the space runs out. There’s also plastic covers offered for smaller sizes, the B6 did not have one. Jet Pens had a viable option. I’m going to leave mine as is.


I usually decorate the inside covers of my notebooks, but I don’t mind the grey inside of the Stalogy. I saw IHearttoPlan on Instagram share that she added adhesive pockets to hers from the Container Store. Luckily the location near me had them and I added one to the front and back cover. I’m debating on where/ if I want to add an additional pocket. As for what’s in my pockets, I have photos in the fronts and stickers from InspireEverAfter in the back.

My favorite addition is my 2019 planner vision board. I love how it turned out and by far its my favorite vision board to date. This is the first thing I see when I open my planner and the aesthetic and positive energy throughout is just what I need. Usually  I go above and beyond with my vision boards, but in keeping in simple and neutral, I can see it all and create actionable steps to attain my goals.

I couldn’t leave my front cover bare. There’s so many cute vinyls that I’ve seen people add to theirs. While I don’t have a huge stash, I did add a Beyoncé sticker and a bow from Fox and Pip. I wouldn’t mind adding both a 2019 and Chaotic Critic vinyl to the cover.

Layout Plans

I am going to be planning daily, for January at Least. I did go ahead and add in a weekly list pad that I’ve been hoarding from Target. Since I still need my week at a glance, this is the prefect tip in for my style.

When it comes to dividing my sections, I may just go back to my Post-It flags. I tried something new and purchased tabs from Ashyleigh Designs, but the paper is so thin in the Stalogy that they don’t stay put. The Post-It tabs are simple and durable.


I’ll be using my Happy Planner sticker books. I’m not going to go too sticker crazy in my everyday carry though. Thankfully I have other systems in place so there’s plenty of space for me to play around with my stickers.

The 3 that I plan on getting the most use out of, since they’re new are the new Happy Planner value packs: Journaling, Journaling Doodles, and Boss Babe.

To purchase items mentioned in this post, check out the links below:

Still searching for a system to match your style?

Check out my planning series here.

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