2019 Planner Vision Board

Another year, another vision board. This one is a little bit different than the standard one I create. This one is for my planner. I wanted to open it every day and be inspired. The end result is just that.

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Getting Started

Choose any spot in your planner for your vision board. Depending on the type of planner you’re using, you may have the flexibility to take it in and it and move it around from week to week. Still, no matter the style – coil, bound, spiral, discs- you can implement a vision board.

No Pressure

There are different ways to create a vision board. I have created a few in the past, yet never one for my planner. The traditional way is to pull out all those magazines you’ve been hoarding and cut out what speaks to you. Popular options include images and phrases that pertain to the goals you want to achieve. The possibilities are really endless.

You don’t need a huge poster board, unless you prefer that. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. No massive collage needed. Place the images in sections, label, glue/tape down, and hang where you can visibly see. Above all, make sure that you see your vision board so that you can stay focused and adjust when need be to achieve what you have in mind.

Planner Vision Board

I’m using a Stalogy this year for my everyday planner. I wanted to be inspired every time I opened it, so for the first time in all my years of planning, I created a planner vision board. I used Happy Planner stickers and others I had from Etsy and started creating. This is where the “no pressure” comes in. I took my time. I was inspired when I was creating it. I thought I was going to take the goal route, but instead, I went with a mix of what I wanted more/less of in 2019.


Before filling anything in, I created a base. I love the circular stickers and knew they would be the perfect size for me to fill with positivity. Instead of just leaving the circles as is, I did want to add a decorative touch which is why I added the floral detail as well as the girl in the corner. You don’t need to have any special artistic ability to create a vision board. It’s a representation of you and truly it’s meant for you and only you to understand. No one else needs to interpret it how you would. It’s unique and just for you. Create away and don’t think that it needs to be picture perfect. That’s not the purpose.

My One Little Word

My word last year was focus, but to be honest, I’ve never truly focused on any of the vision boards that I’ve created. They would just serve as decor in my office. What a waste of space. This year I decided my word would be crush. Yes, crush.


I want to crush everything in my path. Any fear, any obstacles. I want to crush the fear inside of me of building my brand. I want to crush the fear of not thinking I’m good enough. I want to crush any negativity that comes my way. That word had to be prominent on my vision board. Most importantly, my Chaotic Critic’s tagline – “Crush the Chaos” – is a constant reminder that I’m heading in the right direction.

Ready to create your own vision board?

Check out my previous versions here

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