2019 Planner Lineup + How I’m Using Them

Cheers to a new year. I wish you all 365 days of consistent striving and thriving. Throughout the month of December, I shared a variety of planner styles. I want to be of service to my fellow readers and help you find a tool that works best to manage your day to day lives and crush the chaos.

Per usual, I wanted to share my planner lineup for 2019. If you’re trying to decide which planner to use be sure to check out my planning series for more information.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

What Planners Will I Be Using

I thought long about what systems I wanted to implement into my 2019 system. What tends to happen is that we are so excited yet overwhelmed with all we want to do in 2019 that we overexert our thinking. I never thought that I would need an additional planner, but each of the systems I have in place have a specific use. I’ve narrowed it down to the following (links to purchase below) –

Daily Planning

I’ve decided to stick with a bullet journal. Well, my interpretation of bullet journaling. I like having everything consolidated into one location. I have various notebook options to choose from, but to kick off the year I’ll be using a B6 Stalogy. I’ve already set up the month of January. The Stalogy is an undated, daily planner. You highlight the month and day that you’re on. For me, I may not always plan daily, but I do like the space. January I wanted to try out daily planning. I’ll update along the way with how it all works out. As for my layout so far, I’ll divide it into the following sections:

  • Work (blog, babysitting hours, freelance writing)
  • Personal (errands, around the house, calls)
  • Notes (miscellaneous)


I didn’t wait until 2019 to start planning. I used a week on 1 page (front and back) for 3/4 of December. I’m still playing around with the style of the planner and I haven’t quite decided if I want to always plan daily or have a week on a page like I’ve done in my previous bullet journal. For January, since I’ve already set it up, I’ll try the daily planning. Each of my months will also include a cover page. I used scrapbook paper for mine along with a monthly sticky note from Target. I have stickers with the month leading up to June so the cover is super easy for now.

Blogging / Social Media


I’m excited to use the Plum Paper monthly planner as the hub for all things Chaotic Critic. I have a post coming soon with full details on how I’ll be using it. I love the customization that Plum Paper offers. I’ve used a weekly layout in the past, but this time I just needed something to map out what I have coming up throughout the new year and what to alter in each month. Here’s what mine includes:

  • 12 month layout
  • Lined notes pages
  • Blog section
  • Social media section

Faith Planning / Reading Journal/ Gratitude


I received a mini Happy Planner, faith edition as a prize at a tricky tray. I decided to not just use it as a faith planner, but also as a gratitude lot, reading journal, as well as self love/mental health. I do not want to lock myself down to a monthly schedule. I want the freedom to write when I want with no limits. I want this journal to be a free expression with a focus of positive energy.

Brain Dump


In addition to my social media planner, I’m going to be using my May Designs large notebook for a brain dump. While my social media planner will be the central location for all things Chaotic Critic, I’ll be using my notebook for detailed info on my posts. That includes pin points for my videos and resources.

Still in search of the right planner for 2019?

Check out my Planning for 2019 series here

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