December 2018 Bullet Journal Setup

Hey there day 2 of blogmas and hello fellow readers. I’m so excited to be ending 2018 with a bang with 31 consecutive days of posting. Yes, 31 days of new content! Today’s post is all about my December 2018 bullet journal setup. I have been using a bullet journal daily since September and will be going into depth in a later post. Still, I thought why not share how I’ve decorated for the end of the year.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

The Basics

When I begin setting up a new month in my bullet journal, I first create a calendar page. I’ve been keeping them simple as I don’t really use the monthly calendar to begin with. I use two identical pieces of scrapbook paper as the foundation. The monthly stickers I’ve been using are from a sticker book I have on hand that I’m trying to finish. The sticky note I got from Target. They release one in the Bullseye Playground in January.

This month I went with paper from the Comfy and Cozy paper pad from Hobby Lobby. Thankfully, at the time of purchase, the Christmas selection was 50% off. I was drawn to the paper pad because of its rustic design with the plaid and woodgrain elements. I used a traditional buffalo plaid paper and then one of the wood ones. I love the contrast in colors.

I also add a monthly tracker for my medication. This month I used Avery round label stickers to create ornaments. The spacing was a little tricky, but I decided to put them right on to the scrapbook paper instead of trying to layer something else on top. I wanted to see the paper as much as possible. I drew the handle of the ornament directly on to the scrapbook paper with a Sharpie pen. I’m excited to see how it turns out once it’s all colored in. I haven’t decided exactly what part of the ornament I’ll be coloring just yet. For those that want to recreate a tracker like this, but don’t have Avery labels, a washi tape roll is the perfect size to trace.

Once those pages were laid out, I went ahead and mapped out my entire month. I wanted to do a December daily. At first, I had put the days in between each week, but then I changed my mind and decided to do the weeks all together and then the December daily. That created two separate sections and I can fill in my December daily when I choose to as I may not get to it every day.

The last section of my set up is my blogmas calendar. When creating sections, I love to have a divider page. I also use page flags to annotate from the exterior, but it’s fun to decorate my pages with stickers and papers from y stash. I used mini post-its for my schedule which gives me the ability to move my posts around when I choose to. I also added a to do list next to each to fill out what needs to be done for that post. Some tasks are redundant, such as a post/video/photos. So instead, I went with key points of what I wanted to discuss in the post.

I have pages at the end of the notebook to write in notes for my posts. I didn’t want to start a new notebook just for a month. I’ll be starting fresh in my Stalogy in January. That’s a setup I’m excited to share.

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