Sound Off: Are Black Friday Sales Worth It?

You may be wondering, what does Black Friday have to do with Chaotic Critic. Well, as someone that encourages you to be your best self by sharing my personal experiences, that encompasses all aspects of life. That includes impulsive spending.

Every year, thousands line up and scramble throughout the stores for these so called “deals.” I’ve been out in the hustle and bustle. I’ve been Thanksgiving night shopping and midnight Black Friday shopping. Hell, I’ve even brought a suitcase with me so I wouldn’t have to carry my bags. Plus, I mean, I’ve hauled what I purchased as well. As I look back in retrospect, was I really getting a deal, or was I shopping for the thrill?

Some of the “popular” deals are when a stores says 50% off everything. Or 50% off your entire purchase. To me, that’s not really a deal. You can always get 50% off. You just have to be mindful of the consistent sales. Check on Instagram. There’s plenty of savvy shoppers that scour for the best deals year round. Bath & Body Works in particular had a sale, buy 3 / get 3 free. They have that sale quite often. Black Friday isn’t the day to buy a $25 candle. You’ll luck up and get it for half the price days before or sometime through December. Plus there’s even a coupon.

Michaels is another prime example. Let’s start with the Christmas items. They ranged from 50% to 65% off. Granted it’s for the entire section, but these sales started way before Black Friday. I will say a bonus was the 30% off your purchase, including sale items. That was worth it if you were looking for new decorations. I prefer to get my Christmas decor at the end of the year. Another thing with Michaels is although they shove these coupons in your face, you have to read the fine print. So for example, those doorbuster and everyday value options are exempt from any further discounts. Plus, the everyday value items you can buy any day. Hence the name of the deal.

It all boils down to, did I buy anything? Well, yes I did. I bought DVDs that were $5 or less (yes I still buy DVDs) and something planner related from Michaels that I could’ve got anytime. Thanksgiving weekend is just this urge to shop. It’s like the itch you can’t stop scratching. I did luck up and get a pair of pants for free. I follow One Cute Couponer and she gives all the deals. No, all the steals. She posted about a Sears coupon for $15 off your $15 purchase. All you had to do was text to get it, so I did. I ended up getting the pants for FREE. That’s my kind of deal.

Well, that’s my rant in a nutshell. Do I think the sales are great deals, no. Will I continue to shop Thanksgiving weekend, sure will. For me it’s all about the thrill. Thankfully I’m in a space where I can browse more than spend just to spend.

Interested in how I save all year round?

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