Bullet Journal Plan With Me | Basic Spread

I have used a variety of planner systems, but I have truly found one that I love. Depending on what your life and day to day is like will affect what kind of planner you use. I share systems that I truly believe work and the bullet journal is the “it” for me at the moment. So, like any other planner I’ve used, I have to share how I set up a week in my current system.

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The Journal I’m Using

There are so many options when it comes to a bullet journal. Generally, bullet journals have dot grid pages. The most popular is the Leuchtturm1917. As someone that is just getting into the bullet journal style, I went with an inexpensive option. I first used a lined notebook from Walmart and made the pages my own. I’m now using a dot grid journal I found at AC Moore for $5. It has a substantial amount of pages and its it’s a great tester and I make my way through the bullet journal world.

Daily Spread


My favorite part about the bullet journal system is the full creative control within the empty pages. Prior to a weekly spread I was using daily pages. While with that I was able to utilize my stash, I didn’t always have enough to fill the page. As for what was on my daily page it’d be my day in a nutshell (to do, errands, work, etc.), a quote, and my scripture of the day.

Starting in October, I decided to switch to a weekly spread instead. If I needed more space I could just make a list of what needed to get done on a separate page. As for what I generally needed, just a snapshot of my week.

Weekly Spread


I prefer the dot grid (even grid for that matter) as it gives more structure and I don’t have to use a ruler. I went with simple boxes in the particular spread above. As I’ve played around with the schedule, I’ve added in a box for my work schedule, any bills for the week, and a quote/deco. That serves as my sidebar. Furthermore, on one page I’d have Monday through Wednesday / Thursday through Sunday. I decided to use a full box for a running to do list and my layout has now changed to Monday/Tuesday to Wednesday through Sunday.


Before I would stick to just black and white in my spread, but I’ve ventured off into color. It’s just something about black and white spreads that’s sleek and simple. One of my favorites was when I used my spiderweb washi tape to create sections versus drawing the actual boxes. Super dope.

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