Mini Happy Planner | Plan With Me | Tips & Tricks

Cheers to another post here on the blog. Get ready for a steamroll as we take on the last weeks of 2018. This post is all about the mini happy planner, my plan with me, and a few tips and tricks that I’ve come across in the planner community.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

I decided to go with an undated Happy Planner so that I could use it whenever I wanted to. The one I have, Hooray for Today, is a seasonal design and the dashboards I’ll definitely use in the future in a different system. I will say that I’ve seen a lot of varieties when it comes to placing the dates, stickers, etc. This was my first week planning in this planner, back in September, and I was just testing out how I’d want to plan.

The dates I placed underneath each day and then just played around with the sticker placement. All stickers are Happy Planner. Between freelance and babysitting, my schedule was all over the place. By October, I got into a groove. I think that a simple layout will suffice in the happy planner, but I need structure since it is a horizontal layout.

For those checking for something simple, I love this layout from Planning With Lauren. I have so many header and checklist stickers that generally go unused. While I’m not a fan of horizontal, this example makes it easy to list, functional, decorative, and I’d be able to use a part of my stash I rarely touch.

This next example from April (MomRunCraft) is another great way to make use of the vertical space that may be underutilized in a horizontal spread. She makes use of both the space underneath the day of the week ass well as next to it. She sectioned off any errands or activities her children had on one side and to do’s on the other.

The compact size of the HP is what planners love most about it, since you can just throw it in your bag. On the other hand, some may think it’s too small of a space to keep track of everything. This layout in particular shows just how to maximize the space and make use of what you have. Plus, there’s no limit with both deco or larger stickers.

Brittney (PlannerAddictBritt) is one of my favorite planner pages and she is slaying the discbound game. This layout that she has in her mini HP is simple yet effective. A page full of stickers isn’t needed, but who really needs stickers to crush goals. Try not to get sucked into buying every sticker book that comes out (trust me, there’s a lot). I know I’ve been guilty of going down the impulse planner drain. Still, there’s nothing wrong with pen and paper.

My final example is from Natasha (NatashaHappyPlans). This spread in particular makes great use of both the circular and larger box stickers. For those tasks you want to stand out, using the same size sticker keeps your spread cohesive. The larger box stickers leave room for a running to do list for the week of even a to buy or an errands list.

Interested in more planner tips and tricks?

Check out my Planning for Beginner series HERE.Β 

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