Hot Mess Express

Allow me reintroduce myself … 

This past year has been quite a whirlwind. My mental health in particular is something I’ll be going more in depth with in a later post. Simply put, life has been a hot mess express. Hence the title of this post.

Since July I have been trying to grasp the little things in my life as there have been major changes in my life. For one, I left my corporate job and at this moment I’m not sure if I’ll ever reenter the corporate world. Now, I didn’t leave on bad terms, it just wasn’t what I needed at this point in my life. So what am I doing in the meantime since I’m not regularly blogging? Sometimes I stop and ask myself, just where does my day go?

I recently received a comment on one of my posts that I posted back in July. I was in a vulnerable space and coincidentally enough, it was written just days before I went into the hospital for suicidal thoughts. The comment touched me. The reader personally connected with the post. That’s all I could ever ask for. Having someone relate to what I’m writing not only solidified that not alone, but that they’re not alone either.

I have to stop and appreciate how far I’ve come these past few months. The journey hasn’t been easy, but what in life truly is? I’m focused on working on what I’ve suppressed for so long. I’m ready to pour myself back into my passion and keep evolving as a brand.

Looking past Chaotic Critic as a brand, I’m blessed to have readers and people connecting with my posts whether they comment or not. At times we create things just to be compensated. That’s not he purpose of Chaotic Critic. I want this space to continue to be open and honest about all aspects of life, judgement free. While I do have people in my life that can help me process what I’m going through, many do not.

I want to let anyone out there that is unsure of what’s next in life, hell what’s next tomorrow, to know you’re not alone.


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