Bullet Journal Decorate With Me | Football Schedule

Every year I love to create a schedule for my planner specifically for my teams football schedule. Newsflash, to any new readers out there, I am a die hard Steelers fan and have been since 2005. That probably doesn’t matter to many, but hell, it does to me. So, here’s another idea for creating a sports schedule in your planner. This would work best for an NFL or college schedule for that matter. As for other sports with lengthier games, you’d have to adjust accordingly.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

As for the schedules I’ve created in the past, I’ve created one for both a traveler’s notebook and a discbound planner. I love the flexibility of the discbound style as I can utilize both sides, so that method is what I implemented inside of my bullet journal.

Materials Used:

  • Thin Plastic
  • Stickers / Labels
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Washi tape / transparent tape
  • Football stickers


To create this dashboard I used a recycled piece of plastic from the cover of a Krissy Anne Designs sticker book (Michaels). Another option is to use a piece of the Dollar Tree chopping mat. I prefer the thin plastic, but the thicker material will work just as fine as the plastic does not need to be clear. I adhered a piece of scrapbook paper with double stick tape on both sides to add to the football theme, but also a solid surface for my additional stickers.

The stickers were from the Happy Planner Colorful Boxes value pack. I made one for each game and then added a clear football sticker from Hobby Lobby on each box. This process was fairly quick and I staggered the boxes, 8 on on side and 8 on the other. Once I was through the process I realized that I forgot to add dates plus the bye week so I used Target dollar spot labels that I’ve had for years and just added them to the top corner of each box.


My final addition to this schedule was the PearTeaPaperieCo’s Game Day Petty Sticker. When I placed my order I asked if she could customize my the color of my stickers to black and yellow and she so graciously did. These are stickers I’m hoarding, but this schedule is the perfect spot for each one of them.

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