My Planner Journey

I’ve been a part of the planner community since 2015, but I’ve been planning since elementary school. The planner community is filled with plenty of inspiration and a variety of planner styles. Over the past 3 years, my style has evolved to not only adjust to my needs. Some use more than 1 planner, but my goal was to centralize into one location. I wouldn’t say “planner peace,” but I’m content with my system at the moment.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

The Happy Planner

My favorite feature about the Happy Planner is the flexibility. The disc bound system is available in 3 sizes, all of which I’ve used in some capacity. Still, the classic I’ve used the longest, but I prefer the size of the mini Happy Planner for on the go. With the discbound system you could have an entire year within the planner or customize with what best suits your needs. That could be notes, a budget section, memory planning, etc. I preferably liked to add in memories here and there and of course, the current football schedule. My reason for moving out of the Happy Planner was that it wasn’t portable enough for me and I didn’t need all the space it provided within the weekly spread.

Ring Planner

I loved the ring planner and I was sucked into this system from how I saw other people set theirs up. I loved all the decorative dashboards, the inserts, the size. I purchased mine from Michaels. If I had to go back and make the purchase again, I would’ve chose a different color over baby blue.

Traveler’s Notebook

Amy travelers notebook is another result of wanting what I saw others setting up, a B6 size to be exact. Before taking the plunge for a legit, leather cover, I was using a makeshift one. Since I was committed to that one, it was only right I upgrade to something more durable. While I loved it, and still do, I was focused more so on the decorative aspect versus actually planning in it and using it as a productivity tool. I still love looking at TNs and how many people set theirs up, but my new and current system rolls all my previous planners into one.


Having everything in one central location is why I’ve opted for the bullet journal style. While I can’t add or remove pages, I still have the creative flexibility that I want. If I don’t like a page, I can cover it with paper and start over. I can still use my stickers and washi tape. Most importantly, I can throw the book in my bag and take it with me with no problem.

I’m currently working through a bullet journal I purchased from AC Moore. Nothing fancy, but a great way to try out the style. I will be using a slimmer option in January just to try something different, but I’ve finally found my planner peace.

Ready to start planning?

Find more PLANNERspiration HERE!

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