Self Care Sunday | My Weekly Routine

Welcome to a new post here on the blog. I wanted to start a new series all about self care as it’s what I am currently focusing on in my life. Today is all about my beauty favorites. Let’s get started.

Self care is love within. Often times we’re running around doing everything else except taking care of ourselves. Then there’s the typical, “I don’t have time.” We have more time for ourselves than we realize. That could be a car ride from work. Don’t let the traffic keep you down, rejuvenate with a podcast, audiobook, or a favorite album. Got to work early? Take that time to meditate. Take advantage of even the smallest windows of time.

For me, I realized that while I wind down watching my shows that I could use that downtime to do more for myself. Weekly I repaint my nails and toes. While I have a mini nail polish stash (way trimmed down from my previous collection), I prefer gel polishes. Gel polishes require two coats tops, and the brush applicator is thicker. I love the Wet n Wild colors and I’m all into dark colors – blues, purples, black – for fall.

I’m usually trying to find something else to do while the TV is on, but now I take a new approach. I put my phone down, focus on my task, and actually enjoys the show that’s on. I’m a crime show lover. Some of my shows I watch on the day the actually come on, while others I like to binge watch back to back. s for what’s on my weekly watchlist –

  • Bull
  • NCIS / NCIS: New Orleans
  • Chicago PD
  • Law & Order: SVU
  • Blue Bloods
  • Hawaii Five-0

Other shows I may watch from time to time include: Chicago Fire, Station 19, Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder, and The Goldbergs. I know, a random comedy in the mix. Great show if you haven’t watched. Let’s not forget I’m tuned into a football game EVERY SUNDAY like clockwork.

Aside from a weekly, at home mani/pedi, I’ve really been into skincare. Well, just pampering myself in general. Dollar Tree has great masks from sheet to mud. I prefer the sheet masks simply because they’re less messy. Still in order to really see results with my skin, I’ll have to stop drinking soda. Well, we’ll save that for another self care Sunday.

Dollar Tree has a great selection of products to pamper yourself. Many may ignore the Dollar Tree thinking that all items are cheap, but you can score Yes To masks there for just $1 compared to $2.99 to $3.99. Depending on the location, the selection of masks will vary. There’s also nail polishes and to give a try as well. If you can find Wet n Wild colors or the nail skins, I recommend those. Most importantly, for all my nail polish lovers, get your remover from there. Why spend more than a buck?

Take note, self care is not just for Sundays. Again, take advantage of those little moments. I use Sunday as a day for me to reset for the week, leaving all work out of mind and just focusing on myself. This gives me time to truly enjoy the moment and not worry about anything or anyone, but me. We all deserve those moments.

Interested in purchasing some of my favs for your own self care routine? Check out the links below:


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