Halloween Planner Haul

I’m no stranger to sharing my favorite goodies here on the blog in hopes of one of you tapping into your creative spirit. I love this time of year. Aside from fall and October being my birthday month, the latter part of the year gives any excuse to decorate. As I set up my bullet journal for the month, I thought I’d share my Halloween stash I’ve accumulated.

Where Do I Shop?

My favorite places to go are the craft stores, but always think outside the box. That gift bag could be used as a background on your page (or a dashboard if you’re using a binder system). I love Michaels, Jo-Ann Fabrics, AC Moore, Target, Walmart, and Dollar Tree. Those are typically my go to’s aside form whatever else I already have in my stash.

Best Time to Shop

Halloween planner goodies change every year. If you see something you really love, but t (hopefully there’s a great coupon available). Still, be on the lookout for after Halloween sales where you can score items anywhere from 70%-90% off. The great part about Halloween items is that a lot of them just have black and orange incorporated so they can be used going into November, if you’re more of a seasonal planner. For those that care less about color scheme, then it’s fair game for any time of year.

What’s In My Stash

  • Washi tape
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Gift bags / paper bags
  • Stickers

Do I Use All of My Stash?

Every year I tend to accumulate little Halloween themed items here and there. I can’t help but to scour the clearance racks. I’m pretty content with what I have in my collection. I use majority of these items in my planner whether I’m making pockets with the gift bags or designing a spread with stickers. The great thing about the washi tape is that a lot of it can still be used year round from the black glitter to the metallic silver. I tend to hold off on the scrapbook paper because not only do I have quite the collection, I know that I won’t use it as much. I’ve opted to use black paper instead.

I love using gift bags as folders within my spread. As I am currently using a bullet journal (which I LOVE), using paper treat bags keep the bulk down, but I still have space to decorate the outside. Also, the pocket itself is great for stickers, or any memories that you want to hold onto.

Interested in adding some of my stash to your own? Check out the links below:

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