Planner Haul | Summer Edition

Finally, a new post! I know, right? Well, this time around I have another hail to share. I’ve been accumulating quite a bit this Summer, especially since I’ve changed my planner style. Still, I wanted to share the odds and ends I’ve collected as they’ll be popping up quite a bit in my future posts as we transition into the latter part of 2018. Ready? Let’s get started.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

I’m pretty good at buying what I truly LOVE versus a want. I think of how I will use it, how often I’ll use it, and in come cases, can I use it in more than one project. I’ll divvy up this haul by category instead of store.


Journals, journals, oh journals. There’s so many posts that I have coming up that will be around my new planner system. I decided to use journals for my daily planning as I wanted to include journaling, project lists, and more. In creating a central location, I’ve racked up quite a few.

I purchased two on clearance from Michaels, one from Target, two from AC Moore, and two from Walmart. The prices of journals vary. Personally, I don’t like to pay over $5 for one, and if I do, the style must really captivate me to splurge. The one I purchased from Target started this journal craze and what I love about it, it lays flat. As for the styles that I bought, they’re a mix of lined, grid, and dot grid.

Scrapbook Paper and Stickers

I’m pretty good at keeping my sticker and scrapbook purchases to a minimum. Hobby Lobby is my go to for scrapbook paper and stickers since they always have a 50% off sale on their Paper Studio line.

I usually go for 12 x 12″ sheets, but this time around I grabbed about half a dozen 8.5 x 11″ sheets. I was good on the stickers as I only grabbed one set for my upcoming back to school theme. I love the $1.99 (regular price) stickers. They come 2 in the pack and paying 2/$1 when on sale is a decent deal.

Copy of Copy of HP + Plum Paper PWM (11).jpg

List Pads

Hi, my name is Lakia and I’m slightly addicted to list pads. These are my guilty pleasure and I have a hell of a lot. There’s many that I’ve had for that past 3 years that I racked up in when I first started planning from the Target One Spot.

Being in a journal system, I add a variety of different elements that gives me free reign to still use my list pads to prevent them from collecting dust. So far, so good. As to what I’ve added this time around, I found two on clearance from Hobby Lobby and one from Michaels. I prefer those that are thinner and I can washi tap them into my book.


The planner community is filled with extraordinary pen lovers. I love gel pens, 0.7mm to be exact. While I love the Paper Mate Ink Joy gel pens, Dollar Tree has a great variety as well. I found one that I LOVE and it comes 2 to a pack. I tend to misplace my pens often so it’s the best of both worlds. If I do lose it, it’s no love lost, plus the price point is great to purchase backups.

I finally found a white gel pen to use on the black sticky notes and paper I’ve been hoarding. I purchased them at Blick Art Materials and they not only had a variety of colors and styles, but they were affordable. I bout the 08 and 05, but I prefer the thickness of the 08.

Want to snag some of the goodies mentioned for your stash? Check out the links below for items/similar styles purchased.

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