Planning In My Ring Planner

Cheers to another blog post. I’ve finally figured out a schedule. I will have a planner related post to share with you all every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Of course I’ll have other post sprinkled in here and there, especially my Sound Off series. I hope you all stay tuned and if you have any particular requests, just leave a comment.

I previously shared a flip through of my ring planner and I wanted to share how I plan. This is not like my Happy Planner in which I had an overload of stickers. This is a bit more simple with decorative touches.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

-I’m using grid paper as my insert in my ring planner. The paper is from Michaels. I took one of their journals a part, trimmed the paper, punched holes, and popped them into my planner. As for my layout, I created a running to do list for the week, a chore list, and a couple trackers. On the back, I track the weather, my TV shows, and notes. I do not have a lot going on at the current moment to have daily planning. Although, there is an insert that I’m willing to try. It’s a freebie in the Peanuts Planner Co. Facebook group. It includes everything that I have on my current layout – space for lists, trackers, etc. It’s just a more concrete format for those that don’t want to draw things.


Mapping out my week doesn’t take long. I reach for the same stickers. I get a full box and layer a weekly to do list on top. The full boxes frame the list and add an effortless decorative touch. I know a lot of people are into minimal planning. Using fewer stickers is minimal for me when my spreads used to be sticker overload. My chore list lines up right next to it. I draw in my trackers and that’s that. Really simple. I wait to fill in everything after I’ve set up my layout.

Evolution of My Planning Style


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When I first stared decorative planning, I was using a Happy Planner (HP). I absolutely love the Happy Planner style, I just don’t have a lot going on to be using it. The initial size of the Happy Planner was a classic size which isn’t feasible to carry around on a regular basis, for me at least. When they added both the Big HP, I purchased one on clearance for memory planning. Then there’s the mini HP which is ideal for on the go, but I’m not a fan of the horizontal style. I’m really into the grid paper, even dot grid will do, but I’m testing out rings for now. If I were to go back to a Happy Planner, I would definitely use a mini HP and use the various planner pages they have versus the standard horizontal style. The only discbound system I’m currently using is my Home Management Binder.

Daily planning in a traveler's notebook

Aside from the flexibility of the discbound system, I started using a traveler’s notebook (TN) about a year ago. I was using a standard 5 x 7 notebook as my insert and I’ve planned a week on one page, a week on two pages, and daily. I was able to use the huge craft stash that I have from scrapbook paper and stickers to washi tape. While I enjoyed it, that style was lacking one thing, the flexibility to take pages in and out. I could take the notebook out of the cover but I didn’t want to keep doing that. Sometimes as a planner, well in life, we get sucked in to what others are doing/using instead of finding what’s important to us. For me, being able to plan and move pages around whenever I want is something I need in a planner. I really love the binder style which is why I’ve switched into rings.

As for the stickers I’m currently using on a weekly basis, check out the links below:

Ready to start planning?

Find more PLANNERspiration HERE!

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