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I’m finally back. I can’t believe it’s been a month, minus a day, since my last blog post. Sometimes we just need a break to get it all together. I’ve contemplated whether or not I’ve wanted to keep blogging. I still enjoy it, I have ideas, it’s just A matter of making time. So, what’s to come? My usual. Whatever interests me, I share. That’s anything lifestyle plus topics that most of us can relate to. Stay tuned. I’m officially back and the content is better than ever.

To get back into the swing of thins I wanted to share my current planner set up. I mean, I just wouldn’t be me if I didn’t come back guns blazing with a planner post. Right? Let’s go with that.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

Planner I’m Currently Using

I was using a B6 travelers notebook (TN), but I’m back to using my Michaels personal rings. The main reason I switched? I was getting tired of my B6 and the way this planner community fluctuates in style (and attitude), I was inspired by various layouts to try something different. I found myself not planning in my B6. Although there was nothing wrong with how I had things laid out, it wasn’t functional for me. I was reaching for it daily and I was beginning to forget things. I’m the type of person that has to write things down. Sorry, not sorry, I’m not a digital planner.

As for the cost, this Michaels planner is regularly priced at $19.99. When I purchased it, they were 50% off plus an additional 20%. My grand total, $8. It also comes with three dashboards, line paper, graph paper, and to do lists.

What’s Inside

My planner is a mix of function meets pretty. My previous set-up in my ring planner was a hot mess express. I had no direction. I thought it was cute, yeah it wasn’t. I’m not even talking cute to the point of picture perfect. I just had too much going on in there. It was a work planner mixed with personal lists and my finances. Those are three things I want to keep separate.

Current Layout


I currently have 4 sections in my planner. They’re separated by the 3 dividers that came with the planner.

  1. Trackers
  2. Weekly Planning
  3. Notes/Lists
  4. Journal


I’ve found that trackers don’t always work for me, simply because I’m doing too much. I don’t need to track every little thing. As for what I do track:

  • Pay Days
  • Period
  • Medical Concerns (rare)
  • Anxiety
  • Migraines

Within what I’m tracking, I have vellum to separate the different sections. I have my Pay Days and period tracked on the same page, month by month. I use the calendar sticky note from Target. They come out with them every year. They’re by far the most functional sticky notes from Target and you get a lot. Anything that is off or raises an alarm for me medically, I write it down. Any doctor/dentist appointments  I write it down.

The last section is my mental health section. My anxiety can be pretty difficult to deal with at times. I’ve started to track them and rate how bad my anxiety attack are, what’s causing my anxiety, etc. (I can share more about this section at another time). In addition to monitoring my anxiety, I also note my migraines, rate the pain level, how long it lasted, and if I took medicine for it.

Weekly Planning


The next section has my weekly planning. In my TN I was planning daily for the past couple of months so that I could use my stash. My brain isn’t functioning like that at the moment. I have a running to do list of important dates and then I weekly plan. I’m not using any inserts. Although, Peanuts Planner Co on Facebook has a ton of freebies that I would like to try out.

The paper I’m using in both my weekly planning and notes/lists section is from Michales. It’s a notebook that I took a part, trimmed down, and voila. In my planner it went. I’ve also taken list pads from Target and incorporated those as well. No fancy hole punch at the moment either. Just a single hole punch you can get from Dollar Tree.



This section could simply be notes but it’s more so lists. I have blogging lists, things I want to add to my planner, songs I’m loving, random playlists I want to create, etc. The notes section has really turned into where I’m brain dumping blog content. I have my planner out and open when I’m at work, so it’s easy to add anything, anytime of the day.


In the back of the planner there is a slot that I slid in one of my 5×7 notebooks that I used in my B6. I purchase these from AC Moore. What I love about them is that they’re stitched. The one I’m currently using is filled with blank pages, but I love the lined one as well. I just have wish lists, journal challenges, movies I’m watching, and other odds and ends. Since I was using it in my previous system, I was glad I could incorporate it into this one.

Decorative Touches


I love the minimal style that people are now incorporating into their planners. I’d say in this community it’s a mix of sticker overload with black and white. In my planner, I have stickers here and there with cute dashboards that I’ve DIY’d for the most part. I’m all into running to-do lists right now, so I don’t use a lot of stickers in my planner spreads. I use them more so as an icon for a particular list or in my journal (which I’m definitely saving).

Front Pockets

I struggled for a while trying to figure out what I wanted in my front pockets, but I love how it turned out. I have a couple paper clips, two die cuts, my initial, of course my squad (#Steelers), and some motivation. Pretty simple, but I love how it turned out.

Interested in the stickers, vellum, and all the other shiz I’m using? Check out the links below for full details plus alternative options:

Ready to start planning?

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3 thoughts on “Personal Rings Planner Flip

  1. Very cute! I love your set up and would love to see a more detailed look at your anxiety tracker (if you’re comfortable sharing). I have horrible anxiety and am still struggling to find a way to track it which works for me.

    1. Hi Adie, since you’re interested I’d be happy to go into detail of how I set it up. It’s really simple and I find it helpful so I wouldn’t mind sharing. Stay tuned.

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