There’s not many artists that I get excited to see, but please believe Queen Bey is one of them. What better time to reminisce on her amazingly spectacular performance than now, weekend two of Coachella. Well, for people like me, NOCHELLA.

Have I ever seen Beyoncé live? Up close and personal? Somewhere in the vicinity where she is? Nope. I’ve missed that train every time. Late to the party on that one, I know. Still, I’ve witnessed her jaw-dropping performances on countless occasions thanks to modern technology. I mean, yes she’s been televised, but social media. Social media gives an inside scoop that the TV want. I know, it’s a gift and a curse.

Some may say, what’s the big deal about Beyoncé? Okay ,she makes music. She sings the same songs, she has the same dance moves. Every now and then she’ll bring out her husband. Hell, maybe even reunite with her DC gals. She has the same band, same dancers. What’s the big deal? Why the hype?


Well, before the Beyhive attacks, her live performances every single time are the reason. If you’ve every questioned or doubted her talent, her Coachella performance showed how far she has come in her career. If you look at old clips, there’s no denying that Beyoncé could always sing and dance. As her career has progressed, you can see the evolution of her artistry by the strength in her voice and her phenomenal sets.

beychella-2There’s a point in every artists career where you surpass just being a household name. You are beyond the, “I’m trying to make it,” or “I’m trying to get noticed.” When artists reach that point there’s a shift in their music. It’s not just about radio hits to get noticed. Their music shows a different side to them. Beyoncé has always showed her vulnerability in her music, but with Lemonade, it was different. It was next level. It was an in-depth look that went over a lot of heads. Well, here I am trying to talk about Coachella, but understanding the evolution of her artistry speaks to why this performance was so monumental.


Not many are aware of what HBCUs are. For those that don’t know, they’re historically black colleges and universities. They were established on the basis of people of color not being allowed into other higher education institutions. Instead of waiting for the doors to open, we broke down and opened our own, creating a league of our in the process. HBCUs are a huge part of black culture. There’s the sororities and fraternities, athletics bands, oh the bands. The marching bands are out of this world from the dancers to the drum major/majorette, the drumline. For an HBCU, that drumline is everything. (Watch the movie Drumline if you still don’t get it)

Getting back to the performance, Beyoncé came out flawless as ever. Her set list was a mix of old and new. That’s the kind of performance I love. I love when artists give a little bit of this and that and just layer on various elements. She has a full out marching band in the rafters doing the damn thing. Of course she brought out Hov. Boy did he get a lot of shade on social media. She brought out her sister, Solange, to ‘Get Me Bodied.’ The highlight for me, a Destiny’s Child reunion! The band dropped that ‘Lose My Breath’ and of course Beyoncé has to do ‘Say My Name.’ Beginning to end it was absolutely amazing. AMAZING. AMAZING! Actually, amazing is an understatement.


I cannot stop watching the clips that I’ve accumulated into my Beychella collection on Instagram. She did the damn thing. Her set was after 11pm CST so here on the East Coast, I was wide awake and hella turnt wanting more at 3am ET. From the outfit changes, to the choreo, to the impeccable vocals, like how can she not be one of if not the greatest performer of our time. How can she not be? For people that swoon over her, this performance is proof that it’s justified. Is evidence needed to prove her capabilities? No, but just in case yall forgot who in the hell she is – she’s Beyoncé Bitch!

Now who’s ready for On The Run II?!


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