2018 Home Management Binder

Finally ANOTHER blog post. It feels like forever, but I’m back at it. This post is a different take on planning. I wanted to share with you all my home management binder. The last time I used one was in 2014. I haven’t used one since. I’ve written down my expenses in various places. I have passwords either stored in my memory bank or on a sticky note somewhere. I was inspired by many of the systems I’ve been seeing on social media and there’s nothing wrong with having a central location. I’m not a mom nor do I have a lot going on in general, but a home management binder is a great way for me to stay on top of my expenses. Furthermore, there’s information inside that I need to easily access without going through a filing system. Let’s get to it.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

Discbound, Frankenstein System 

Do I need to keep track of my expenses? Of course. Do I need an entire notebook dedicated to it? At this point, yes. I have tried to just write it down on a piece of paper, yet I still end up forgetting something. I check my account all the time, but writing down what I’m spending has made a huge difference. I spend a lot on takeout and I have my moments of retail therapy on planner shiz. Hey, my money, I buy what I want. Still, I need to be SAVING more than SPENDING.

The Frankenstein system consists of bits and pieces of different planners rolled into one. I used free printables, an insert from another planner I wasn’t using, a cover from a planner I no longer use, dashboards from a previous discbound system, and a couple folders.

I made a key for this system using a large die cut shaped like a house. I thought it was fitting since this is my Home Management binder. I have the system divided into 3 sections:

  • Calendar
  • Expenses
  • Important Documents

In the calendar section, I have a 2018 perpetual calendar inside of here as a snapshot. I track that time of the month, my pay days, and any doctor appointments I may have. I also have a Dates to Remember insert that I got from Hobby Lobby on sale. I use that to keep track of birthdays/holidays. Although they’re ingrained in my brain, I have it there anyway. I also have the recycling schedule for my town and an overview of 2018. The overview is a vertical monthly layout that spans 4 pages. I use it to write down any appointments my grandmother may have and any events I have coming up.


Moving on to my expenses, I have a baby savings. I simply save all the $5 bills I accumulate. I then have my expenses divided into 3 sections: monthly bills, monthly spending, and debt. I use free printables to keep track of all of this. I also keep track of every dime that I spend aside from bills. Gas and toll are also tracked as well.

important docs.jpg

As for my important documents, I have all of my grandmother’s doctors for reference, insurance documents, tax documents, and my car maintenance. My tax documents will be filed away as I’ve done my taxes for 2017. I’ll keep the folder for next year.

Free Printables

I went to my favorite printables website, Wendaful.com. She has amazing tips for planner newbies for a variety of planner systems. I used her Financial/Budget planner printables in my expense section:

The daily expense sheet I turned to a monthly expense sheet. Other printables I’m using:

  • Password Log
  • Car Maintenance

What Else Will I Add? Any Planner Decor?

I’m pretty content with my system. The only thing that will be added are documents pertaining to my car. My car maintenance is by far my favorite sheet and I can keep a written record in chronological order and I keep my documents in the same section.

As noted, the premise of this system is to keep all of my expenses in one location. I have all my documents in one location. I just needed a system in case I need to grab and go and reference without rummaging through a filing system. I still have my filing system, but I don’t go through it often. I just file away what I need to. Tracking my expenses is now holding me accountable on any frivolous spending I’m doing and where I need to cut back.

Ready to find the right planning system for you?

Check out my Planning for Beginners series here

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