What’s In My NEW Planner Bag

On a roll with the posts? I think so. I have so many ideas of content I want to share with you guys so I’ll keep posting and posting. Hopefully you find something you enjoy whether it’s a dose of motivation, a reason to buy something, or just a laugh or two with my commentary. Who knows, Whatever the case, hopefully you stick around for more. This post is a planner related post. Hi there, I’m Lakia and I like to plan. I like to share what I buy for my planner. I like to give tips and tricks on planning. Trust me, it’s ALL BUDGET FRIENDLY! I have a new planner bag and I wanted to share what’s inside so let’s get to it shall we.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

What Bag Am I Using?

I’ve shared my plannerbag on the blog before, but I have drastically downsized.


The bag that I initially shared was a makeup bag. I don’t wear makeup so I turned into my planner bag. Although it’s spacious and I can stuff as much as I want inside, it’s not practical. I did need a bag to hold any other miscellaneous planner items I wanted to reach for on the go.

I found my solution in The Container Store. One has finally opened about 20 minutes or so away from my house. I went in to just browse and came across this pouch. It was only $1.99 so I had to get it, of course. I wasn’t planning on using it as a planner bag initially. I just liked that it was mesh and I’d be able to see what’s inside when it was in my purse. Quickly I put planner stuff inside and from time to time the bag  is jam packed with goodies I randomly throw inside, but it fits perfectly in my purse.

I use the accordion folder to house Etsy stickers. See my Container Store planner finds HERE.

What’s Inside?

I use these for a pop of color in my planner spreads. I use the Flair pens to for color coding my football schedule plus marking off TV shows. I use a Wendaful Designs TV tracker (free printable). For every episode I watch I shade it orange. With the football schedule, for every win I shade green. For every loss, orange. The journaling cards and washi tape I use for when I create my spreads or to add a tip in. I can never have enough adhesive. I go for my double stick tape first. I use the glue stick if a sticker doesn’t want to stick (yeah that happens). The transparent tape which HAS to be transparent is for my tip ins. It’s more of a clean look.

Note: A tip in is simply taping an additional piece of paper into your planner. More space to write.

I added in a sticky note dashboard that can dual as a page marker. Sometimes it’s in my planner, sometimes it isn’t. I got the sticky notes on clearance from HobbLobby and they perfectly fit in the bag. I just adhered them to my existing page marker. I saved the dashboard it came with to re-purpose at another time. I recently took my sticker folder out of my TN. It was a bit to bulky and instead of storing it away because I still wanted to access those stickers, I just added it to the bag.

I keep it pretty simple, nothing major with this planner bag. It has just what I need. The journaling cards are actually a new addition, but I’d rather have them on hand than not to. Plus, they take up no space at all. As for a size comparison, my planner is a B6traveler’s notebook. It measures 5″ x 7″. The bag is 10 x 7-5/8″. It’s slightly taller and wider. I could stuff my B6 inside, but it’s so chunky so I won’t. For now, I’m content with what’s inside.

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