Valentine’s Day Craft Stash

I have been enjoying rummaging through my craft stash and using what I’ve accumulated whether it was given to me or I scored it on clearance. I thought that I could start somewhat of a mini series sharing what I have for specific holidays or more seasonal items. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I have found a new YouTuber that I love, CraftingwithLiller, and she has amazing DIYs. On top of that I am now planning daily to use more of my stash (I was inspired to try that out by KeyKreates on Instagram). So with me back in my zone of creating, I wanted to share what I have in my stash.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.


I use a Sterlite container to house all of my Valentine goodies. I purchased a set of 5 from Target. I have one with pink lids and one with mint. All of my seasonal items are in here and I have to be strategic in placing them to get the lid to close, but it works out. I love the seamless look of these stacked in my craft closet. for my items separated by holidays/seasons has given me a designated spot for what I accumulate on clearance.

Paper Pads

As noted, majority of what I have inside of this box was purchased on clearance. I scored 3 paper pads at Hobby Lobby last year 90% off after Valentine’s Day. Of course the longer you wait for after holiday clearance, the less there is. Still, if you do wait for the 90% off and you have the time to search, you can still luck up. I only have 4 paper pads and they’re not even 12 x 12″. One is 5.5 x 8.5″ (a card making kit). The other 3 are 6 x 6″. One of the paper pads I’ve had for year and have used majority of it, but it was pretty inexpensive costing between $2.99-$3.99.

  • Pebbles Yours Truly Cardmaking Pad | Regular Price:  $5.99 / 90% Clearance: $. 59 / Total Savings: $5.40
  • American Crafts With Love Envelope Pad | Regular Price:  $5.99 / 90% Clearance: $. 59 / Total Savings: $5.40
  • The Paper Studio Love Struck 6 x 6 Paper Pad | Regular Price:  $6.99 / 90% Clearance: $. 69 / Total Savings: $6.40
  • Pebbles Yours Truly Paper Pad  | Regular Price:  $5.99 / 90% Clearance: $. 59 / Total Savings: $5.40

Other Goodies

I also have stamps, tassels, two sizes of foam hearts, gift tags, and wood clips. These miscellaneous items I’ll use for personal projects, but also in projects I make for a local nursing home through the Missionary Society at my church. These items were either given to me (by my grandma) or purchased from Target during last year’s Valentine’s clearance deals. Most cost $.10 with the 90% clearance. My three price points at Target are $.10, $.30, and $.50 max. It’d have to be really cute for me to spend $1, but for my stash I keep it $1 of less.

Stash album

I used what I accumulated to make a stash album. It’s just a 4 x 6 photo album from Dollar Tree that I filled from brim to  brim with my clearance goodies. I replaced the cover of the album with a piece that I recycled from a gift bag. Each of the pages either has scrapbook paper, 3D stickers (scored on clearance from Target, $.10-$.30, 90% clearance), DIY paper clips, and washi samples. I also included other Valentine’s themed stickers that I had in my stash as well. Now as I’m planning or I want to send happy mail to a planner friend, I can come to this album first and take what I want. Plus, it was fun to make.

I’ll be sharing more of my stash this year of the other seasonal items I have. This is just the beginning. Of course, stay tuned for more clearance hauls as well.

Want to see more of my craft stash?

Click HERE for my craft closet tour!

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