Hobby Lobby Clearance Haul

I will stop spending. Well, I’ll try to cut back. Then again, I like what I like and I buy what I want. Let’s go with that. I went to Hobby Lobby to replace scrapbook paper I misplaced (oh the tragedy) and to see what I could score on clearance. With just $10, I didn’t do too shabby. Oh yeah, I have the full price breakdown as well.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

I initially went in to replace a few sheets of my favorite scrapbook paper that I misplaced. Since the entire Paper Studio line was 50% off, I decided to get my favs. The designs? A black and white pebble print and the other, a black and white paint splatter. Each sheet is a regular $.69. With the sale they came to $.34 each.

top-5clearanceshopping-tips-9Now on to the clearance section. The Hobby Lobby I regularly go to has two clearance sections on opposite ends of the store. One is next to the planner goodies (scrapbook paper/stickers, etc.) The other is near the fabric.

Note: Thoroughly search the clearance sections. There’s a lot that you can find, but be mindful of the prices. The same item can be two different prices. 

When searching the clearance isles, I first came across 12 x 12 sheets of acetate. In Hobby Lobby you can often find sheets the larger sheets of scrapbook paper marked down to as low as $.10. The three sheets of acetate I purchased were marked down to $.26. They were in great condition. One had paint on it so I left it behind. I ended up getting one that had yellow stripes, pink stripes, and mint polka dots.

Now on to the Me & My Big Ideas items. They had quite a few sticky notes available. I settled on a travel themed one. Just because that’s the theme doesn’t mean they’re not functional in any planner spread I create or just to jot down a note. I also picked up a sheet of quote stickers marked less than $1. They’re my fav at the moment to add to my daily planner spreads.

Anything that I’ve seen from Heidi Swapp are usually pricey. That includes the “so called” clearance. I found some stickers that are pretty versatile and 3 sheets came in the pack. One price was $1.79 which I wasn’t buying. The other was $1.19. I didn’t need both so I grabbed the cheaper one. Hence why I said take note of the same item priced differently.

The score of the day was a washi tube. Now, I don’t use washi often, but since I started using more of my stash, I’m loving it. I love prints more so than ones that have sayings. Getting back to this particular tube, it had 8 rolls and was regularly $12.99. The clearance? $1.95. Yes, just about $2 for 8 rolls of washi. SCORE! Even marked down 50% I wouldn’t buy it. With that major clearance, I just couldn’t leave it behind.

Two random items I picked up was a large tassel. All of the ones I saw were marked down to under $.50. I plan on putting it on my travelers notebook. I’ll see if I like it or not. I also scored a U.S.A. fabric stamp for under $.30. I have a project in mind for it plus it can double as a stencil.

As for what I put back? I had picked up two packs of journaling cards. I have plenty already, but they were in my basket as I walked around the store since they were marked down to $1. One I was going to buy just because it had one with a football. The other, to be honest, just because it was $1. I also put back 4 pieces of vellum. They’re regularly $.99, but with the 50% off they were $.50. Since the sale happens frequently, I decided to leave them behind.

Total price breakdown + links to purchase:

Total spent: $9.20 (including tax)

Total savings: $30.84+ (including the acetate)


Ready to bank on the deals?

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4 thoughts on “Hobby Lobby Clearance Haul

    1. Very, very true. Although I would love to buy every single planner item I see on sale, it’s obvious when a deal is a good deal or not. I use anything over 65% off and I’ll walk around a store and put half of what’s inside my cart back before making a purchase.

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