Sound Off: Sincerely, A Depressed Steelers Fan

For those new to my blog, hi my name is Lakia and I’m a die hard Steelers fan. I know, who cares. Hell, I do. For those that have been readers here and there, one time or another you’ve come across football related posts. I’m no stranger to sharing how much of a Steelers fan I am. Well, a football fan in general.Well, here we are and here I am depressed about another season ending. Depressed about how it ended. This goes back to what I tell people all the time, there’s no such thing as catchup. Every time you try, something knocks you back and you’re still behind. Maybe I’m being too philosophical with why we didn’t win. I don’t care. I said I was depressed.

Is this how all the other teams that never reach playoff berth feel? Those teams that finish with barely 5 winning games. At one point or another it’s like, something’s gotta give, right? I could bash the coaches. I could talk about a couple calls the refs let slide. The real depression kicks in when

  1. You won’t be getting #7 this year
  2. Your QB says he’s coming back, but you’re still not sold on it
  3. Your best RB might go to the highest bidder
  4. You have to wait until September to see if anything will happen

I look back at the Colts when they lost Peyton Manning. Franchise quarterback goes out injured, comes back and goes to another team. Then they get a prospect in Andrew Luck, make it to the scandal of all AFC Championship games, and haven’t returned since. They’ve been on a downward spiral since then.

I look at the teams that have never won let alone have never been to the Super Bowl. Out of the 4 teams left, 3 of them have never won. Yeah the Patriots are still in it. I still believe Jesse James caught that ball in the 4th quarter. Anywho, maybe out of all this sadness my football dream can come true. Two teams that have sucked for an eternity have a chance to make history for their franchise and finally win a Super Bowl. I’ve always wanted to see that. It’s an even playing field. Two teams that never one. It’d be better to see two teams that have never been there, Jaguars vs Vikings. Still, I have a soft spot for the Eagles. Talk about almost doesn’t count every time they made it to the big stage.

When you want something so bad, often times it doesn’t happen. Often times you get inside of your own head and you don’t execute. You think too far ahead instead of in that moment. I mean, the Steelers were ready for revenge against the Patriots. Yet, we’ll be sitting at home watching them next week in their 7th consecutive AFC championship game.

Why am I still on this? Why won’t I just shut the hell up and move on? I mean, I did title this post that I’m depressed right. Any sports fan that has a team that shoots themselves kn the foot constantly can understand. Anyone that has a sports team that’s not winning championships can relate!

So here I am, physically exhausted. I go all out when I’m watching a game so that loss was a major sucker punch. Nope, didn’t watch the Saints/Vikings game. I had to sleep off my sadness. I’m not ashamed to share how I feel. I know many may think it’s not that serious. Probably not, but I’M A FAN! It’ll always be serious.

So that’s it until the fall. I hate when football ends. I don’t have anything to look forward to on Sundays. I mean, I could watch the Pittsburgh Penguins. I won’t be watching basketball (except maybe the Finals). The football fan deep within will watch the 3 games that are left. The Steelers fan is praying all our pieces lineup for another run starting in September. This is the 3rd straight year we’ve fallen. Every team that has beat us has gone on to win the Super Bowl. I’m ready for that moment. I want that parade.

Until next year Steeler Nation. To all those that read to the end, you’re the real MVP.


A Depressed Steelers Fan

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