2018 Planner Lineup

Let the planning commence! I am officially back on my game (after a depressing loss for my Steelers). Well, I haven’t stopped planning, but I haven’t been sharing much on the blog since my Christmas set up in my traveler’s notebook. We’re halfway through January so what better time to share my planning systems for 2018. 2017 I had a lot of planners that I was planning to use, but ultimately I didn’t end the year with any of them. I feel like I’ve finally found planner peace with my current planner. Enough rambling, let’s get to it.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

I had used a Classic Happy Planner since 2015, but I wanted, more so needed something to house more than just a weekly spread. The Happy Planner was a vertical style that I enjoyed, especially since I’m a lister. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a planner I could just throw in my bag. I had tried out a personal size traveler’s notebook before, but I wasn’t consistent in using it. I was still juggling between my Happy Planner and my traveler’s notebook for journaling. Plus I had a faith planner in the mix that I was barely using. Then a separate planner and notebook for my blog. Why not have it all in one place? Did I really need more than one planner?

The planner community goes through phases and trends and it’s easy to fall down that rabbit hole. As I was trying to rediscover my planning style, I realized two things.

  1. I needed a central location for my weekly planning plus journaling and other notes.
  2. I needed to be able to carry it with me on a daily basis.

I knew that the traveler’s notebook style would work, but it was a matter of which size. After searching on endless Instagram account I settled on a B6 and I’ve been sold on it since I started using the size this past August. So, what is my planner lineup for 2018. It’s way more simple than 2017, that’s for sure.

  • B6 Traveler’s Notebook | Weekly planning, journal, blog/YouTube, TV/movie/football tracker
  • Mini Discbound Notebook (#1)| Home Management Binder (in progress)
    • monthly expenses
    • passwords
    • car info
    • health insurance
    • mini savings
  • Reminder Binder | Work planner
  • Discbound Notebook (#2) | Work reference notebook

Last year I started with 5. It may not seem like much of a difference since I have 4 systems in place. Two are for at home and the other 2 I keep at work. I need to have my personal life and work separated. Plus, my work notebook is an archive of research that I do with my diverse clientele and also I’m a Content Specialist. I have to stay up to date on a lot of information.

This year is more structured than last year. I have more of a focus. I used a Happy Planner at first because I was excited they came out with a neutral edition, plus I scored it for $10 on Black Friday. I was also using a faith planner and I can easily incorporate that into my TN although I do want a faith planner separate as a reference. I still have the one I started from Horacio Printing. I just need to use washi tape to cover the dates and work with that space. My daily devotionals would either be included into my weekly planner or a separate insert. In planning daily, it could fit in my weekly planner.

Experimenting with Daily Planning

Daily planning in a traveler's notebook

I was inspired by KeyKreates on Instagram to go into my stash and give daily planning a try. I’ve planned a week on 1 page, 2 pages, and 4 pages, but never daily. I’d have a daily for a Sunday here and there, but never a whole week. I used what I like to call a stash album to jazz up my pages. I filled a 4″ x 6″ photo album from Dollar Tree with items I scored on clearance last Valentine’s Day. I sent some to a planner friend in happy mail, but I was unsure how to incorporate the goodies into my planner. I love my set up and I didn’t want to keep swapping out dashboards to match the time of year. With daily planning I can use my stash with no problem. I also love layering so it was fun to mix stickers, washi tape, and scrapbook paper.

Using my stash and switching up my weekly planning style has made me fall in love with planning all over again. Sometimes you just need to adjust. One of the main reasons I loved using my Happy Planner was because I got to decorate it all the time. Then I was too focused on a pretty spread. Now I lay down stickers without a care if they perfectly match. If it fits, I use it. That simple.

I’ll be sharing an updated post on the progress of my Home Management Binder from the printables I’ll be using to the basics of what’s inside. I listed what my goal is above, but the future post will go more into detail. Check out my previous system here.

Interested in purchasing what I use? Check out the links below:

Ready to start planning?

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