After Christmas Clearance Haul

Happy New Year!

I am officially back to blogging after taking a break. I failed at Blogmas this year from being sick to being busy to simply not feeling it. I just needed a BREAK! I am back and refreshed and what better way to kick off 2018 than to get all the holiday leftovers OVER with a clearance haul. Let’s get to it!

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

I’m not the person that runs to the store the day after Christmas. I like to wait until everything is at least 75% off. Scratch that, I’m all for the 90% off. Majority of items in this haul were just that with some ranging from 50%-80% off. Items are from:

  • Target
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Michaels
  • Macy’s Backstage

Target was where I did the most damage. Let me rephrase that. It’s where I purchased the most items. I went on the day before New Year’s Eve and Christmas stuff was 75% off. I went on New Year’s Day and it was all marked down to 90%. The selection between the two days was not that much of a difference. I’m glad I waited. You really have to search around the entire store BEYOND what they have corned off as Christmas. As for what I purchased:

  • Hearth & Hand Wrapping Paper | $.50  (regular $5)
  • Gift Bags | $.10-$.30 (regular $1-$3)
  • Slippers | $1 (regular $9.99)
  • Wallet | $1 (regular $9.99)
  • Transparent Stickers | $.10 (regular $1)
  • Santa Clause Envelope | $.10 (regular $1)

Hobby Lobby is another one of my favorite spots to score clearance goodies after any season. The Christmas selection was limited, but not too bad. There was mostly wrapping paper, bows, cellophane bags. Combined my grandmother and I paid around $5 with all items 90% off. We scored:

  • Cellophane Bags | $.10
  • Christmas Mug “Only a Morning Person on Dec. 25th” | $1.19 (regular $11.99)
  • Chalkboard Christmas Stickers | $.30 (regular $2.99)
  • Magic Paint Posters | $.30 (regular $2.99)

Macy’s Backstage is not a store I frequently go to. It’s just like Macy’s except with cheaper items plus many are marked down further on clearance. Just another outlet store. My grandma found glitter washi tape, paper ribbon, and Christmas tree tags for $1 each (regular $2.99 each). For the 7 items she paid $7 versus $20.93. Total savings: $13.93.

From Michaels & Rite Aide I only purchased 1 Christmas item from each store. Well, my grandmother found a plaid tree skirt at Rite Aide for $50% off. Regular price, $19.99 she paid $9.99. I went into Michaels for card stock (thankfully there was a 50% off coupon), but what was left of Christmas was 80% off. I found this super cute 6″ x 6″ paper pad. It was marked down to $1.79, but I scanned it and it was even cheaper at $1.19. Regular price $5.99.

All together the price tag was under $30. I still have stuff from 2016 that I still haven’t used. Those are mainly gift tags and cards. I’m stocked and ready per usual. I will say that I look for clearance that is not necessarily that specific holiday themed all the time. The wrapping paper I bought from the Hearth and Hand collection is a woven marble print that I can use for a variety of projects. The paper pad from Michaels can be used now for Valentine projects with the color scheme and prints.

Cheers to saving and ACTUALLY using what we buy. #NOMOREHOARDING

Ready to bank on the deals?

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