Christmas is for Giving

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE and we’re now up to Day 24 of Blogmas. Yes, there will be a post tomorrow on Christmas Day and I encourage you to check out all the previous posts of BLOGMAS! I wanted to update you all with the finished product of the gifts I’ll be giving to a local nursing home and to the homeless.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

For those new to the blog, through the Missionary Society of my church, we give a service to a local nursing home the 4th Sunday from November to May. We go all out on Christmas with gifts and each year is getting bigger and bigger. Of all the years I’ve been doing this, we tend to have leftovers and instead of taking saving until the following year, we’re going to be giving to the homeless.

Deoderant (1)

What We’re Gifting

  • Socks
  • Hats/Scarves
  • Tissues
  • Band-Aid’s
  • Deodarant
  • Lotion
  • Soap
  • Wash cloths
  • Toothpaste/Toothbrushes
  • Sanitary Napkins
  • Combs
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Prayer Devotionals
  • Fleece Blankets

There was plenty of soap that we were able to put more than one in certain bags. For the pads, we purchased 2 packs that contained 40 in total CVS (using a $3 off total purchase coupon). We separated them and put 4 in a sandwich bag, gifting 10 sets. Other odds ad ends we had on hand were feminine cleansing wipes and Wet Ones. Another amazing score was getting 150 sandwich bags from Amazing Savings for just $1.

One of the best scores we got was on body wash. We found some for $.25 at Big Lots that we couldn’t pass up. We also bought toothbrushes 6/$1. The deodorant was $1 and the toothpaste we scored for $1. My grandmother found some for $.69 at our local grocery store.

We were initially going to put the gifts for the homeless in brown paper bags, but instead we used freezer size sandwich bags which were more durable to hold the items inside. In creating the bags, thanks to the help of my boyfriend, we were able to cut the time in half. He worked on bags for the men and I worked on those for the women. In total, we created 28 bags specifically for the homeless that we will give to people we see and as well as give to a nearby shelter.

Deoderant (2).jpg

The gifts for the nursing home were the Fleece blankets. We didn’t do gift bags this year, instead we used tulle to make a bow and tucked a pair of socks in. There was a member of the church that made bags for those in wheel chairs and we added toiletries inside of those. Again, any extras will be given to the homeless instead of being kept for next year. It’s best to give what we have now!

As for next year, we need to be more strategic in what we purchase so that we can get more without breaking the bank. I’m a bang for your buck kind of gal.

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