5 Dollar Tree Last Minute Gift Ideas

It’s Day 23 of Blogmas (yes I know I’m behind) and I know there’s some people still out there trying to figure out last minute gifts. I searched high and low for a quick and easy solutions and Pinterest has plenty of ideas that will work with items from the Dollar Tree. I thought I’d pick a few key items and share some that I found that will take you minutes to create. These ideas are great especially if you have limited time to whip something together, are on a budget, or have multiples to give out. Let’s get to it.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

Dollar Tree is a store that is looked over by many simply because you can buy items for $1. It must be cheap, right? WRONG! You can find plenty of name brand items in Dollar Tree. One of my favorites is bread. There are other items as well from medicine to select snacks. Keep in mind each location is different. As for the gift ideas let’s not waste any more time.

Nail Polish 

You can find super cute nail polishes at Dollar Tree. I love Wet n Wild they also have L.A. Colors and all you have to do is put a couple in a snack bag or the cute Christmas themed cellophane bags, tie a ribbon, add a bow if you’re fancy, and a note. If you don’t want the nail polish, there’s also the nail strips.

For your mistle “toes” | Persialou.com

Thanks for being TOE-TALLY awesome | Eighteen25.com 

Rudolph the RED TOES Reindeer | Busymomshelper.com

If you wanted to up the ante on this one, you could give a gift card to their favorite nail salon.

Brownie Mix 

I saw this idea on the Instagram page of one of my favs, Craft-o-Maniac. It was a gift she received from her neighbor. I love the idea and it’s super easy and budget friendly. Plus, the mixes are name brand with both Pillsbury and Betty Crocker available. As for the message:

Christmas is Jolly. Christmas is Sweet. I’m stressed out … so make your own darn treat. 

You can even give the baker in your life the essentials for just $5. Add in variation of oven mitts, a whisk, the brownie/cake mix, a towel, a bowl, a spatula, and measuring cups. All of these can be purchased at the Dollar Tree and it’s a super inexpensive gift from a name brand.

Views from the Ville (1)


You can NEVER go wrong with candy. Seriously, you can’t. Plus with just a few bags you can make goodie bags for 4-6 people, depending on how many pieces you include.

Hershey Kisses 

Grab some, of course they have the traditional Christmas colors red and green.

Merry KISSmas | BloomDesignsOnline.com

We WHISK you a Merry KISSmas | ViewsfromtheVille.com (Don’t forget the whisk. Yes for just an extra $1)

A Hershey’s candy bar can also be transformed into a sleigh with candy canes and other miniature bars. They can also be turned into Rudolph with candy canes for the antlers and googley eyes and a red pom pom for the nose.

Jolly Ranchers 

Have a HOLLY JOLLY Christmas | WrittenReality.Com

Lip Balm 

Here’s another Pinterest-worthy gift idea that I found on Instagram. All you need is some type of lip balm which is super fitting for this time of year. There’s nothing worse than a dry, chapped lip.

Merry Christmas. You’re the BALM | ApplesandABCs.com
Views from the Ville (2).jpg

Hand Soap 

You can DIY your own hand soap, if you’re really crafty, but Dollar Tree has a great selection as well. The name brand? Softsoap.

Merry Christmas. You’re SCENTsational |Lifeasmama.com

Spread Cheer. Not Germs | Lilluna.com

We WASH You a Merry Christmas | TheFrugalGirls.com

Just SOAP’N You Have a Merry Christmas | AllThingsThrifty.com

You don’t have to break the bank giving a gift any time of year. Plus, don’t let Christmas pressure you into overspending just to give something materialistic. Smaller, thoughtful gifts count as well.

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