Winter Coats

Day 21 of Blogmas. Let’s play catch up and get back to it. For all those that have been reading and leaving comments, I thank you. This year has been quite a whirlwind for Chaotic Critic, but I’m going to continue to share what I love. I hope you all enjoy and take something away to incorporate into your life. Whether it’s a DIY, planning, or an inspirational post, enjoy! To all new readers, welcome. Moving on to today’s post, I want to talk winter coats. It’s getting pretty cold here in the tri-state and I have plenty of coats to interchange that I wanted to share. I mean, it is the first official day of Winter.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

When it comes to my winter coats, I need one that covers my behind. Most of mine come right to my knees and when I was in high school, I hated them. That’s how long I’ve had my longer winter coats and they’ve held up for years. I mean, I’ve been out of high school for 8 years now and both coats still fit and I wear them every winter. I’ve had the coats even longer than that, probably about a decade or so because my mom was still alive when I received them.

The first is my ultimate favorite due to the style. It’s a grey, Sean John, coat with a detachable fur hood and a belt. I absolutely love this coat and it’s pretty much done for at the end of each winter, but it’s nothing  a washing machine can’t fix.

Major tip when buying a coat — make sure it’s machine washable. 

I’m not too keen on brands and neither was my mom. In high school everyone had a North Face and I just had to have one. Thankfully that Christmas my mom and dad bought me one. It’s the puffer style and it came it stops right at my knees. I wanted the one that came mid-behind, but my dad insisted I get the knee-length one since i walked to school. In hindsight, he was right. I was much warmer and my North Face is in perfect condition. Now it needs a new zipper, but still that’s cheaper than a whole new coat.

Untitled design.jpg

I have other coats that I throw on whether I’m running an errand or whatever, but my knee-length coats are EVERYTHING! I have a shorter, white fleece North Face jacket that I love. Funny story behind that one. My dad and uncle saw a man throwing them out of his store and he told them they could take whatever they wanted and they did. It had a black stain on it, but my grandma got it out with no problem. Talk about major trash to treasure.

The newest addition to my coat collection is one from the brand Andrew Marc. It was a gift from my grandmother and it has my favorite feature, a belt. My Sean John coat which is my go to is grey so having a BLACK coat is essential and it goes with everything. I don’t plan on parting with my Sean John coat or my North Face, but I’m happy having more than one to rock this Winter.

There’s one coat that I’m thinking of parting with, but it’s so warm. I just don’t really wear it anymore and it can be useful to someone else. It’s reversible. Brown on one side and then a leopard fur on the inside. Well, that’s how I wear it.

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3 thoughts on “Winter Coats

  1. I remember going crazy last winter, looking for a knee- or floor-length coat that was heavy enough to brave the 30-degree 5am chill, but still stylish enough that I could wear it to my fancy office job, but also didn’t cost $1000. I eventually found one (that was a little pricey, but worth it) and I love it. I don’t know what it is about a long, black coat that makes me feel so sophisticated. I love them.

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