Chaotic Visions | Cocoa Twins

Black girl magic on deck with this edition of Chaotic Visions and Day 18 of BLOGMAS!  This is the final installment of 2017 and I am beyond happy to have shared the amazing stories of 9 phenomenal female entrepreneurs. I mean, who doesn’t love an all female cast! When I came up with the idea of Chaotic Visions in December of 2016 my purpose was to simply share the stories of women and their brands and what crazy idea they had to create them. Thankfully and successfully, in my opinion, I’ve been able to do just that.

This last go round for the year features Jamesha Bazemore of Cocoa Twins. As a planner girl, I’ve seen Jamesha’s designs on both Facebook and Instagram. I mean, plenty of people sell products. What makes Cocoa Twins so unique are the black faces that are on them. Hence why I said, BLACK GIRL MAGIC ON DECK! It’s not often you see a backpack with a black girl, a happy young brown girl on the front with bright colors and Afro puffs. Yes, there’s something for the boys as well. Still, this innovative collection is one that needs more shine. Let’s get to it!

What is Cocoa Twins

Simply put, Cocoa Twins is a collection of illustrations that feature brown girl princess emojis with afro puffs and crowns. The product section ranges from journals and coloring books to backpacks, travel bags, and even boots.


Jamesha’s intent is to create beautiful images of women and men of color celebrate love, self-awareness and life.

Crazy Idea to Create Cocoa Twins 

Jamesha has her own set of identical cocoa twins, Brianna and Brittney. While shopping for school supplies in 2016 the idea came to her after an exhausting search for notebooks and found non has brown girls or boys on them. Her girls asked if she could draw picture for them and that spark turned into what is now the brand Cocoa Twins.

I thought creating the brand was a crazy ideal all on itself. I didn’t think that my work was good enough. I never imagined the great response to my brand that I received.

Staying Organized

There needs to be some type of organization when running a business and as a planner lover, I’m all for writing it down. Jamesha keeps it all together with by jotting down her ideas, to-do lists and notes in a, wait for it, spiral notebook. See, you don’t need a fancy planner. Pen and paper always works.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Recharge (7).jpg

Definition of Success 

I define success as reaching any goal that you have set for yourself. I also think that there’s success in failure. The decision to choose to try is success in itself even if things didn’t go as you planned.

Jamesha’s Top 3 Tips for Budding Entrepreneurs 

  1. Believe in Yourself.
  2. Trust Your Instincts.
  3. Seek counsel and wisdom from someone who is not afraid to tell you the truth.

The common theme here is simply going for it regardless of that other side of you telling you not to. Having someone that will give you constructive criticism is key versus someone that just stops you to stop you. Never sell yourself short of an idea no matter how crazy it may seem. Jamesha is living proof that it can happen.

Best Advice Received 

Stay Ready.

Sacrifices as an Entrepreneur 

Jamesha has had to sacrifice her routine which is understandable when you have product. The normalcy falls to the wayside as you are designing, selling, shipping, being a HUMAN and living life.

Best Part of Being an Entrepreneur 

The best part of being an entrepreneur is showing my children that they have choices. Teaching them by example that you can make your own way out of nothing.

Goals Going into 2018

Sometimes we make these lists for ourselves and those lists can get complicated, too detailed, and even overwhelming. You look up and nothing is getting done because you’re unsure of where to start. You’re unsure of what to do.

Jamesha’s goal, JUST START!

Regardless of what time of year it is, just start. Even if you get all through January and you’ve feel like you’ve accomplished nothing, just start! Stop holding yourself back from the should’ve, could’ve, would’ve and go for it. JUST START!

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