Cheesy Netflix Christmas Movies

Blogmas Day 16? Check! I hope everyone is having great week and thanks to all those regularly reading and hello to all those that just stumbled across Chaotic Critic. Today’s post is all about Netflix Christmas movies. You know, the cheesy ones with the same. We’ll get to that. What better time to binge watch than Christmas, right. Right.

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I know I’m not the only one that finds random movies on Netflix and falls down a rabbit hole of related titles. I’ve stumbled across plenty of shows that way and Christmas movies are no different. Plus they’re around a hour and a half so it’s easy to watch a few back to back.

So, there’s a formula to the cheesy Christmas movies. There’s the girl or guy that has this lavish job or their a bit stuck up and they end up going back to the small town. Once there they fall in love with  a local and while their plan is to get back to their reality, they end up falling in love with the local and the movie ends with them kissing and finally admitting their feelings to each other. Or there’s the one where the local happens to be an ex and there’s a third person in the picture that’s a filler until it comes to surface they’re meant to be with the local.

There’s some that I’ve watched recently along that theme:

Then there’s the movies where the mom is single or the dad lost his wife. In comes the fairytale other half and voila, they’re together by the end of the movie. I watched Dear Santa (2011)which was really cute. I won’t give the whole movie away. The premise is a little girl writing a letter to Santa asking for a new mommy, since hers passed away, and it flew into the hands of someone. I also watched My Santa (2013) which was alright. It was super cheese. A single mom feel for the son of Santa and yeah. Real cheesy.

Let’s not forget the ones where the girl relives Christmas over and over until she gets it right. I watched Back to Christmas (2014). This girl relived Christmas Eve, but instead of over and over, she found something new along the way. Again, keeping the details limited.

There’s more movie plots, but those two are the basic themes. I have a list of more that I plan on watching. It’s another Saturday of snowy weather, well the aftermath of it. I’m enjoying laying on the couch, recovering from being sick and watching Christmas movies I should’ve been watching since December 1st. Better late than never. What’s next on my list?

Who knows what else will pop up as related titles. Also, not all of these movies have good ratings. Still, I’m watching because they’re Christmas movies and I know there’ll be a happy ending.

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