It’s Day 15 of Blogmas! Blogmas has turned into an uphill battle of getting posts out daily, but I’m all caught up and there’s still plenty of days left! To all those that have read any of my Blogmas posts, thank you, thank you, thank you! To all new readers, welcome. It’s been quite a week at work and I feel like my body is sucker punching me and I am sick. Well, better this weekend than next.

This week was great. It really was. I was productive, there was plenty of team building with my coworkers, and plenty of food. I’m very cautious of what I eat to begin with because I have a nut allergy AND dairy is not always my friend. Keep that in mind, rock with me a little bit.

Throughout the entire week I was good. No headaches, no stomach aches. Thursday rolls around and I’m in 2 hour traffic because of the snow. I mean, here in Jersey, this is the most snow I’ve seen back to back in December in my lifetime. There’s even talks of it snowing on Christmas. Anywho, the snow is not even a lot. We can get upwards of 6+ inches, but it’s just been about maybe 3. Still, people are not the best at driving in this weather and most importantly the traffic is ridiculous.

So, flashback to Thursday morning of me sitting in traffic. You ever have those days where you just feel like something is off. That’s how I felt when I woke up Thursday. Still, I made it work, eventually. I even gave a presentation and took some photos of the team. Everything started to go downhill when I was in a car for nearly two hours getting to dinner. Traffic from my house to work can be a hassle, but rush hour traffic into NYC is a HOT mess. Mind you, I get car sick. If I’m driving, I’m fine. In the backseat, I forced myself to fall asleep to keep the nausea away.

After nearly 2 hours in traffic plus searching for parking, we finally made it to the restaurant. Vandal is a great spot for those looking for a trendy place with music, a lounge, a bar, amazing art, and a decent menu. I ordered the Grilled Sea Bass Tacos and Lobster Mac & Cheese. No liquor for me because I just wasn’t feeling right. I got through the 3 tacos, a pepsi and a couple scoops of the mac & cheese before I felt horrible.

By the time I got back to New Jersey the nausea was subsiding but by 1am Friday morning I was full blown sick. I won’t go into details, it just wasn’t pretty. I think I had like 24 hour bug or something. Thankfully I’m feeling better because I have a LOT to get done.

Aside from finishing up some projects for work before the year is over, I also have gifts to prepare for a local nursing home (see previous post). I enjoy creating them every year and it’s been a tradition since I was a child. As I get older, I’m able to give more and that’s what really matters.

So, I’m no longer sick. Well, I feel much better than I did. I’m ready to gain all my energy back and get back to my regularly scheduled programming.

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