Pajamas All Winter ’18

Happy weekend and happy day 9 of BLOGMAS! I am so thankful for all of you that have been reading daily and hey there hey to all new readers. I hope you stick around for a new post every day leading up to Christmas! Anywho, snow has fallen again here in the tri-state. It’s not that often that we get snow in December let alone a substantial amount. I prefer snow days on the weekends as I don’t have to leave my house. Today’s post is all about the pajamas my grandma recently gifted me and I thought today would be the perfect day to share!

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

To be 85, my grandmother is out and about way more than I am. One of her excursions this past week was a trip to  Walmart and she found all of these pajamas on clearance. She grabbed what she saw in my size or what looked like would fit me without really paying attention to the design. That’s my grandma for you. She ended up getting me a nice mix of sleepwear, fleece to be precise. Some of the pajama pants were found in the mens section, but I could care less. I’ll wear them anyway.

Fun fact about me, I am super comfy and cozy when I go to sleep. No special nighties. Half of my pajamas don’t even match. I’ve never been the type of girl to have matching sets. I have some “adult” pieces (to keep this PG), but for the most part it’s sweat/shorts with a tee shirt.

My grandma picked out some pieces I would not have bought myself, clearance or no clearance. She did score some finds right up my alley, one of which I would style for everyday wear, not a nightshirt. She found a Winnie The Pooh fleece crewneck night shirt that says ‘Today’s Cancelled, I’m Going Back to Bed.’ It’s a running joke we have between the two of us since I prefer laying around the house versus going out. So much for ‘adulting.’

She also found a pair of Harry Potter pajama pants that I freaked out about. Harry Potter fan here (#TeamGryffindor)! Sidebar for a quick story. I was introduced to Harry Potter when I was in the 4th grade (1999) right around the same time the first movie came out. My grandma has heard from people in the church that it would corrupt my mind and she had this whole case against me going that she told my mom. Thankfully, since it was a part of the curriculum, my mom let me go and every movie release after that I went with my bestie. It became a tradition. It’s funny that she got these, but she didn’t even notice they were Harry Potter.

All the other pieces she purchased were a mix of pants and shirts. Of course there’s a pair of plaid in the pile somewhere. There’s two fleece crewneck shirts one black and one light blue. The light blue I’ll definitely wear to sleep, but the black one can be styled for every day. It’s a bit looser so I’d definitely do high waisted jeans or even ripped jeans with ankle boots. Let’s not forget the leather jacket!

Welp, they’re all fresh and clean and ready for me to rock around my Christmas tree (pun intended) and all Winter ’18 (Drizzy voice). Am I the only person that washes clothes before wearing them? Eh, it’s a habit I guess.

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2 thoughts on “Pajamas All Winter ’18

  1. I always wash my clothes before wearing them and recommend other people do the same. There are a few reasons for this. First, I’m not sure if the clothes have any kind of chemical treatment on them (this is primarily a concern with items I order online which come in plastic bags). Second, washing clothes softens them up. Brand new clothes tend to be a little stiff (especially if you order them online and they haven’t been handled/tried on the way in-store purchases are). Third, I don’t know what nasty fool has tried these clothes on before I got to them.

    So, yea. Not just you.

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