YouTube VLOGmas

It’s Day 5 of Blogmas already?! Hello to all those that have been keeping up and hello to all those that have stumbled across this blog. If you’re not sure what Blogmas is, I’ll be posting every day leading up to Christmas. Today’s post is all about my favorite YouTubers partaking in vlogmas.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

Most YouTubers that are a part of Vlogmas vlog primarily post one of two ways. The first is sharing a vlog from the actual day. So a December 5th vlog  is posted on December 5th. The other is to post the previous day meaning a December 4th vlog is posted on December 5th. Some sporadically post throughout the month of December and still refer to is as vlogmas. Still in all, there’s plenty of videos to choose from. YouTube is OVERpopulated with vlogmas videos at the moment.

My favorites are those YouTubers that I watch on a regular basis. Here’s on my radar this year:

There YouTubers that I am subscribed to that I’ll randomly watch if they post a vlogmas, but the 5 above are who I actually check for consistently. To be honest, I like to let the videos sit for a few days and then binge watch. This time of year is when I watch more TV/YT than usual. There’s just so many options. Then there are shows that I save to watch during the Summer.

Aside from the YouTubers participating in Vlogmas, there are many that I’m watching on a consistent basis that I absolutely love. I’m not one for tutorials. I’m no beauty guru. I don’t like all vlog channels either. If I can relate to a vlogger, great. There’s also YouTubers that I’ve been watching since they first started YouTube. It’s like watching the life of a long lost friend from them being single to engaged to married with kids. Many YouTubers have evolved over the years and I enjoy seeing all the opportunities they receive and how far there channels have grown. Those include:

Then there are those that I discovered just this year or that I have consistently been watching this year that are on my rotation. I’m subscribed to hundreds of people on YouTube and may I end up “rediscovering” simply because they either don’t post consistently OR  their videos get lost in the feed of all the other channels I’m subscribed to. Nikki Glamour (who’s on my vlogmas list) is one YouTuber that I discovered this year and I LOVE her channel, especially her story times. Aside from story time’s I enjoy teacher vlogs (takes me back to my daycare days). As for who else makes my list:

Anywho, let me know if you’re watching any Vlogmas videos!

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