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Calling ALL planner lovers. I have a very special edition of the 8th installment of ChaoticVisions. In this series, I showcase amazing female entrepreneurs, their brands, and their roads to success. Oh yeah, let’s not forget it’s Day 4 of BLOGMAS!

I’m so excited to share sticker extraordinaire, Shannon Brewer. She has taken over the planner game with her Etsy shop, The Honey B Shop. With over 48,000 sales, her designs have become top picks in the every growing and changing planner community.

What Is The Honey B Shop

What started as a printable sticker shop on Etsy in 2015 quickly transitioned to selling physical products after just two short months. The shop now offers an array of products from stickers to sticky notes diecuts, and more with printables still available for planner lovers to have easy access.


My mission is to spread not only kindness, but creativity around like confetti. I believe the best platform to share your views is through your art, and that’s what I do. “Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world” has been my favorite quote lately and I like to do what I can to make sure people know all my artwork comes from my heart, my hands, and my soul.

Shannon has recently expanded her platform with her blog, There she offers freebies as she wants to reach people that may not be able to splurge on planner goodies.

Crazy Idea to Create an Etsy Shop?

Sometimes we have these ideas that sound great in our minds, but sometimes the vision doesn’t always work out. The initial premise behind The Honey B Shop was to sell photography prints. When Shannon decided to sell stickers, the name just stuck.

That’s how life happens. We may try so hard to try and figure something out when what we are looking for, we already have.

Staying Organized

Like many other planner addicts out there, Shannon has many systems in place to stay on track. Aside from her multiple planners, she has a handy dandy (Blue’s Clues pun) notepad to jot down quick tasks that she puts in her planner or tosses once complete. For those people that cannot fathom having more than one planner let alone people still using a pen and paper to write out to-do lists, Shannon couldn’t have explained it better:

Having multiple planners might sound crazy, but having each chunk of you’re life separated from the other makes things so easy to work with, in my opinion.

As a designer, Shannon has a lot of files that need to stay organized so she’s on top of her tech game as well by consistently sorting, renaming, and deleting when necessary.

Definition of Success

One of the interesting findings that I’ve encountered throughout this Chaotic Visions series are the versatility of creative women along with their distinct definitions of success.

Success to me isn’t about what you own, what you make, or what you do. Success is when you’re internally happy with YOURSELF. I feel like I am very successful to be living my day-dream everyday. I feel like I’m successful because I am able to take care of my family. I feel successful because I have hit so many goals in the past 2 years since opening my business. Success is what you make of it. If you are happy with yourself, then you are successful.

While the “happiness is the key to success” may sound cliché, when you think about it’s crucial to continuing to do whatever it is that you do. You have to love it and when you love something and pour your all into it, whoever you’re sharing that love with feels it to. It’s a connection like no other.

Top 3 Tips for Budding Entrepreneurs


Any new adventure in life is exciting yet a huge learning curve at the same time. Shannon learned quickly a side of business that she had never experienced. She highly recommends saving your receipts and to think bigger than what you initially anticipate. That forward thinking prepares you for the larger opportunity waiting for you around the corner.

Best Advice Received

“Shoot for the stars, even if you miss, you’ll land upon the stars.”

Shannon’s late grandfather wrote this on a card to her for her graduation and it’s stuck with her ever since.

Sacrifices As an Entrepreneur 

While being an entrepreneur may sound like a dream of BEING YOUR OWN BOSS, there’s a lot of sacrifices that come along with it.  Okay planner junkies, put yourself in the shoes of a sticker shop owner. Who wouldn’t want to design, cut, and sell stickers. It must be so easy and so fun making whatever you want for your planner. It  can’t be that hard, right? Selling one product does not make you an entrepreneur. There’s a difference between side hustles and the full time gig. Many of these shop owners have poured in plenty of sleepless nights and failed attempts to get where they are.

For Shannon, she’s no stranger to sacrificing her sleep schedule. She shares her process on her Instgram of the all nighters she pulls while cutting stickers and fulfilling orders. She’s doing this on her own. Not just designing, but handling all aspects of her business. Also, she noted that the fluctuation in income which as an entrepreneur is to be expected. It’s not like a 9-5 where you know you’re getting paid each check.

Best Part of Being an Entrepreneur

The best parts of being an entrepreneur is the creative freedom for me.

Shannon explained how she can work from 2am-2pm versus a 9-5. I can relate to that as I feel my creative and just in a zone any time after 10pm. I find myself sitting up and creating content at 11:30pm when I do have a 9-5 to get to. Being in full control of your career as an entrepreneur has a major bonus of setting your own hours and working on YOUR TIME!

Goals for Remainder of 2017

My number one goal for the remainder of 2017 is to make sure I create every day.  I’m going to keep creating, keep sharing my message, and keep being an artist!

Yes, we are down to the last few weeks of December, but do you really count yourself out to check off personal goals, business goals, goals in general? Why does January have to be the “fresh start?” GET IT DONE NOW!

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