It’s the MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR …. and it’s officially BLOGMAS! That’s right, every single day leading up to Christmas there will be a new post here on Chaotic Critic. Expect a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Who’s ready because I sure as hell am! Let’s kick off December with some holiday themed questions shall we. Ready, set, BLOGMAS!

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Favorite Christmas Tradition

Christmas, well the holidays in general, are my favorite time of year (aside from my birthday of course). There’s two traditions that stand out. One, my mom always had the tree up before Thanksgiving. The day before to be exact. We would pull out all the decorations and blast Christmas music. My mom would fluff the tree and then my siblings and I would decorate (with her meticulous guidance of course). Since her passing nearly 10 years ago, it’s a tradition that’s stuck with my siblings and I year after year.

Like most traditions, they aren’t necessarily planned. There’s a lot of great movies that come on Christmas Day and my boyfriend and I have headed to the movies for years for a date night. A movie that is on my radar, The Post. 

Favorite Christmas Movies

In no way am I a movie buff, but when it comes to Christmas movies I love all things Hallmark. The cheesy, same plot movies ALWAYS get me. Last year my grandmother and I got hooked up in watching movie after movie for hours before realizing it was almost midnight. Yes, they’re that addictive. As for classics, surprise, Home Alone isn’t on my list. I’ll watch it if it’s on, but I never go out of my way to put it on. It never has been. I do love any version of Scrooge movies, especially A Diva’s Christmas. Oh, let’s not forget Polar Express!

Christmas Music 

I had to share a playlist with you all because  have too many favorites to just pick one. IF I had to narrow down my list, Mariah Carey’s Merry Christmas album will always be a classic. The other is Kirk Franklin’s, Christmas. As for songs my #1 pick is Wham’s Last Christmas. Enjoy the playlist below:

Preparing for Christmas

Christmas has never been the same since my mom passed. My siblings and I always make it a priority to spend the holiday together, but there’s still a void there in a sense. I mean, she made the holidays. From the vibe to the food and her infectious energy; it was just always special.

Now in preparing for the holidays, my oldest sister cooks and invites everyone over to her place. We relax, laugh, and eat. Of course, football is on in the background. I always find it weird when Christmas lands on a weekday as it interrupts the week. This year it’ll be on a Monday so all the preparation will be for Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day I plan on being a couch potato binge watching movies and gearing up for the Steelers to play the Texans!

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