Tracee Ellis Ross JCPenney Collection

I don’t typically “fan girl” over celebrities, but I can’t help but crush over Tracee Ellis Ross. She announced on her Instagram that she’d be having a collection at JCPenney and I couldn’t have been happier. Now, when celebrities release their collections the styles may be cute, but it’s nothing that I fall over for. Scratch that, most are typically way over my budget. This TraceexJCP collboartion is right up my alley and I have been in love with the collection since she started sharing pics of the pieces that’d be available. I’m no fashion blogger, but I thought I’d share my top picks from the collection.

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Glow Short Sleeve Reversible Sequin Dress

Price: $74

I’m not sure exactly where I would be going wearing this dress, but I absolutely love the fit of it. Typically a sequin dress will be tight or tighter on top and loose on the bottom. This one conforms to the body with a non-bulky appearance. It’s loose in all the right places which is perfect for ladies, like myself, that like to conceal the tummy area.

Did you miss the fact that this is reversible? Talk about chic and multi-functional. Those are the kind of pieces needed in a wardrobe especially when the design is bold and it’s harder to wear more than once. I love that Tracee has it paired with a sleek pair of heels. I would wear it how she styled it. Flats would work as well, pointed toe to be exact. No need for jewelry, the dress is the life of the party.

Long Sleeve Velvet Bodycon Dress

Price: $34

This dress in particular would be my favorite out of the entire collection. I love how simple it is. The simple, the better, and the easier to style. It comes in black and white stripes and my personal favorite, red velvet. It’s a deeper red and it would be perfect for a holiday party. I love that booties, whether heeled or flat, could be styled with this dress. The black and white stripe has even more options because a pair of sneaker would suffice and I would even layer a jean jacket and a scarf. It’s the ultimate business casual fit that can easily be transformed from day to night.

Bliss Robe Jacket 

Price: $59

This was the first piece of the collection that I saw and it’s available in both red and blue. My favorite is definitely the red! I love that you can pair this with ANYTHING, literally. I’m a cardigan lover and this just looks super cozy and pulls any outfit together. Although it may look a slouchy, the relaxed fit is what really catches my eye. I wouldn’t tie it at the waist, I’d let it hang as is. There are matching pieces to the robe, but I’d just buy it solo and rock it with what I already have.

Honorable Mentions

The sequin dress, bodycon dress, and the robe jacket are my top 3 from the collection, but there’s two more styles that I’d like to check out:

The joggers are effortless to style and I like how you can keep the ankle length or wear scrunch them up around the calf. Joggers are a more sophisticated sweat pant as they just fit better and aren’t as baggy. I love the versatility of the tunic. It’s available in Heather Red and Heather Grey, but I’d like to see more colors offered. The length is perfect to pair with leggings but it can be worn sweatshirt style and rolled under for a shorter fit.

Of course clothing fits differently on everyone as everyone has a different body type. I say that as I have seen mixed reviews on the sizing. That’s why shopping online can be difficult and for this collection in particular, I would hit the store before purchase. Still in all, the sizing that’s available gives wiggle room for ladies to find the perfect fit. The price is definitely right and the more casual pieces are perfect additions to any wardrobe with plenty of style options. Kudos to Tracee Ellis Ross and JCP for this collection!

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