Plan With Me: B6 Traveler’s Notebook

November already? I wanted to share a spread of how I’m currently planning. I’m using a B6 traveler’s notebook filled with 3 mini journals (lined/dot grid/grid) and other goodies. The one I use for weekly planning is a lined journal that can be found anywhere. With stickers, washi, and my handy dandy pens, I turned bland into grand (cheesy, I know).

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

My Weekly Supplies 

The B6 TN that I am using was purchased from AleMoriCo on Etsy. The leather is very flexible and I love the upgrade that I made. As much as I love the Happy Planner line from the planners to the stickers, I never actually purchased one of the value packs for myself. I decided to with the Productivity one as I can use the stickers for personal planning and at work. I recommend waiting for a sale or using a Michaels 50% off coupon. If you have a Tuesday Morning in your area, the sticker books are already marked down to $10. AC Moore sells the sticker books as well.

Copy of Copy of HP + Plum Paper PWM (11).jpg

My pen of choice? I love my Papermate InkJoy gel pen in the 0.7 tip, but I’m currently out of them. I found a dupe at Dollar Tree, the Promarx Gel Click in 0.7 tip. FYI: I only write in black ink. If I use a different color, it’s to check something off or highlight. Sometimes I coordinate the washi to the time of year, but often times I just go for one that’s a tad bit thinner to give more space.

Quick and Easy Planning 

I look at how other people plan in their TNs and I love all the insert options that are available. When I switched my planner style back in August, I didn’t want to fully commit to a specific insert since I was just testing the waters. In doing so, I began to use a lined notebook that I purchased from Jo-Ann Fabrics. Here we are in November and it’s been working out great.

One of the main reasons that I switched to a TN versus my classic Happy Planner was that the HP just had too much space. I don’t really have that much going on in one week so a running to do list, at the most, was just enough for me. I went from a week on one page to a week on 2 pages and since October I’ve been doing a week on 4 pages. I’m still debating on whether or not I want to switch back to a week on 2 pages. I guess that will come down to how hectic a particular week is. For now, with the holiday season in full swing, I’m sticking to the week on 4 pages. For December I’ll be trying out a free printable insert and daily journaling (stay tuned for that), but I’ll be back to my lined journal come January.

Copy of Copy of HP + Plum Paper PWM (9).jpg

As for my weekly planning on 4 pages, I begin by using washi tape right down the middle of the page to section off the days of the week. I write in the day and date and plan from there. I mix up my stickers similar to how I would if I were planning in a Happy planner. For instance, I don’t like full boxes next to each other. If I have a full box on one day, I’ll skip a day before placing another. That’s just my personal preference.

Deco or Functional

I would say that my spreads are way more functional than they have been. My Happy Planner was more decorative to fill up the space. The stickers were nice to look at, but aside from filling the gaps, they had no purpose. I am more focused on getting things done which should be the ultimate goal of planning in general, right? In previous posts I’ve mentioned that it’s difficult to stay on track when you are blindsided by all the goodies everyone else buys. That is the main reason I decided to limit my deco and really focus on the essence of planning which is check off my daily to do’s and personal goals I set.

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