Chaotic Reads | Current ‘To Read’ List

I love audiobooks, but there are some books that I want to physically take the time to read. Audiobooks are convenient as I can listen to them while I commute or throughout my work day. There’s also digital books that work for any device whether it’s my phone or iPad. Then again, taking the time to sit on my couch for an hour at night reading and bonding with a book is something I’ve ignored for years. There are plenty of options for me to choose from and here I am again with another reading list. One day I’ll trek through all the books I want to read, but I’d love to incorporate an 30 minutes to an hour daily of no TV, no electronics, just a book.

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The TOP 3 BOOKS that I’d love to get my hands on to read are:

Gabrielle Union is one of my favorite actresses. I’ve always enjoyed any movie or TV show that she’s appeared in and I found it interesting the stigma she had surrounding her. Her roles have depicted her as a “witch” to put it nicely. When I first saw that I thought back to her role in Deliver Us From Eva. Her demeanor is one that demands respect and like may other black actresses, she’s been typecast. Need someone that give you attitude when they walk in a room? Let’s book Gabrielle! I love when celebrities write memoirs as it gives fans that have followed their careers more insight to who they are. Very interested in reading about her career and what she shares about her marriage to Dwayne Wade, their family, and issues with conceiving.

As a wrestling fan, Ric Flair is a legend.  Anyone that has watched wrestling any point knows who Ric Flair is. His daughter Ashley, better known as Charlotte Flair, currently wrestles in the WWE. The two have teamed together for a father-daughter book that I have to read. I mean, I still watch wrestling so, why not?

Last up on the top 3 is one of my favorite YouTubers. She initially was known as BronzeGoddess01, but with a new career path she has changed her YouTube handle to Life Coach Shawn. I love watching her videos that span from items she loves to her advice, especially her ‘Strawberry Letters’ segment. She’s released 2 previous books that were centered around relationships. Her latest book as a self-published author is one that anyone can relate to. She gives hard, fast tips in her videos. She’s a storyteller, but she doesn’t sugarcoat her responses. A woman that speaks to my personality!

Honorable Mentions 

While there are 3 that I want to read right away, here’s some more that made the cut:

There’s so many books that I want to read and I really need to get started on at least one From the list above, I’ve heard great reviews about DJ Khaled’s book. I may end up listening to the audiobook of Kevin Hart’s book. Jenifer Lewis is a legend and I know her memoir will be filled with plenty of stories and gems. Hillary Clinton’s book sparks my interest as it’s a retrospect of this past election that didn’t go her way. As for Rory Feek, I read a preview of the book and I’d like to continue.

In total, there’s 8 books I want to get my hands out. Let’s not mention how many are already on my shelf. The authors and topic should keep me reeled in Of course I’ll share my progress along the way. Stay tuned!

Interested in what else I’m reading?

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