Pre-Planning in my Happy Planner

I currently am not using my happy planner for weekly planning, but I did use it earlier this year. My switch from the Happy Planner to a traveler’s notebook was simply that I didn’t need all the space that was in a Happy Planner. I’m a planner, but a running to do list of what I need to get done in general works better overall for me than planning daily. Still in all, I have plenty of pre-planning tips to share that will work for any planner.

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How to Pre-Plan 

When someone pre-plans, it comes down to personal preference. Some people pre-plan with sticky notes. It’s a surefire way to not write in anything when plans can quickly change. With sticky notes you can move them around between each week. For me, I use stickers to pre-plan.

What Types of Stickers I Use 

A brand of stickers is not what I necessarily look for when I’m planning. Stickers I use simply depend on my mood. If I want to use Etsy stickers, I do. I prefer sticker kits because there’ a larger selection to choose from. Depending on the shop this could be date covers. Standard kits come with headers, some deco, full boxes, half boxes, quarter boxes, and icons. In this particular spread I used a mini kit from Stickersters on Etsy.

Mini kits have a little bit of this and a little bit of that. For people that enjoy ‘white space’ planning, a mini kit is a better option. For those that want the entire spread covered, go with a full kit. For me, I’ve used both and mini kits work better. I don’t have a lot going on. Sometimes full boxes are easy to incorporate as they take up space.

Placement of Stickers

I like to spread my stickers out. For example, on a Monday I put a header and a half box. Wednesday I put a header and a checklist in a different box. I’ll switch between the boxes and checklist for balance. I’ve tried doing a uniform spread. In other words, all checklists in one box, full boxes in another. I just like to mix it up.

For the checklists, I prefer a top 3 of the day. Those are my goals of what I need to get done if nothing else gets accomplished. Sometimes I’m successful, other times not so much. That just depends on the week. In preplanning, I jus lay down the stickers and fill in later. Having the stickers down gives me a template to work from and I can fill in accordingly with my lists, TV shows, and any highlights I want to add.

My sidebar is one of my favorite spots when planning in my Happy Planner. I just use a pen and create trackers. The trackers range from how frequently I post on my blog & Instagram to household chores I want to stay on top of. It’s quick and easy to create. I was inspired by SweetKawaiiDesign. Every now and then I’ll add in my social media numbers for the week (Instagram & YouTube). That idea I got from RubyTrev.

There’s nothing wrong with planning ahead. Nor is there anything wrong with not having your week mapped out on a Monday. Go with flow and use stickers as an inspiration to build your spread.

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