If I Died Today | Year 26

I haven’t made a blog post the entire month of October thus far, which is rare. I try to stick to a schedule, but there’s always some distraction. The distraction is really just an excuse. Ultimately, it’s all about finding a balance. On another note, here we are nearing the end of October and I recently celebrated my 26th birthday.

25 was an age that I had been waiting for since i turned 23. Why was I rushing it? It boils down to benchmarks.

We live in a society where 16, 18, 21, 25 are deemed ‘special’ ages. 

16 is the peak of teen years. You’re not grown, but you’re coming into your own. By 18 you’re a young adult with responsibilities. 21 you can drink and there’s more responsibilities. At 21, I had graduated from college and was trying to figure out life. What job would I get. How quickly could I ot my degree to use. Would I get a place of my own? How would I support myself? Her I am at 26, still trying to answer some of those  questions.

“Age benchmarks” are filled with unrealistic expectations.

When I graduated from college in 2013, I was working at a daycare and continued to do so until 2016. 3 years of staying where I was comfortable. Maybe I was scared. Maybe I just wanted to stick to what I knew. I hadn’t just spent 4 years trying to carve a career path to work at a daycare. I knew I was worth more. It came to a point of, when will you make a move Lakia? When will you create the opportunity for yourself? Those are constant questions yearning results.

I took a plunge in late 2016 and finally saw positive results. Since I made the decision to leave the daycare, my life has changed for the better. I’m more aggressive. I feel more confident. I no longer hide behind my achievements because my job doesn’t match. I can finally say that I have a career.

If I died today, would I be fulfilled? 

I answer that to my best friend and she laughed saying well how would you know because you’d be dead. Very true, but really, have I truly lived.

Live life by experiences not by textbook achievements. 

I’ve gone through all the standard academic achievements expected of me. I graduated from high school. I have a Bachelor’s (B.A.) and I even went a step further to get a Master’s (MBA). Still, what do I have to show from this minus a framed piece of paper and a stack of loans? Don’t get me wrong. I am proud of what I have accomplished.

I can’t continue to life by a checklist! 

For anyone that knows me probably thinks, “yeah right.” I’m a planner. It’s clear that I am with the posts on my blog and my social media. I like getting things done. A checklist holds me accountable to actually do it. That’s how my brain works. Yet a checklist cannot be how I live life. I need to take more chances, risks, and not always worry about if it’s by the book. Why can’t I fly by the seat of my pants?

I admire people and those around me that just get up and go without a plan. They don’t have a list. They just move on their own accord to the beat of their drum. Most importantly, they’re successful at it. For me, attempting to do that leaves me forgetting something.

Here I am wrapping up this post with my closer about to start with “my goal.” I need to learn to look past goals. I need personal fulfillment. I need to travel. I want to get a passport and leave the U.S. I want to go to that concert, football game, state fair. I do not want my finances to continuously trap me. I WANT TO LIVE! I want to enjoy those around me. The only thing guaranteed in life is death. As morbid as it sounds, it’s true. All I can do is enjoy every moment I have and do something every SINGLE day that makes me happy.

Ready for another dose of Motivation?

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