Chaotic Reads: Coffee Table Books

I do not read nearly as much as I should. It’s as if my books have become décor collecting dust. While I have a reading list that I’ll slowly but surely get through, I have a knack for collecting coffee table books. Well, what I consider a coffee table book. These are easy to find at your local Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Ross, thrift store, etc. They’re gorgeous, filled with pictures, some have text, but ultimately they make a statement. I have a collection accumulated quite the collection that defines my personality and interests.

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Coffee Table Book

An oversize book of elaborate design that may be used for display.

The latest edition to my collection is one my grandmother found for me. VIntage reads are always great and this is a People book (People Magazine) from the early 90s. With all the documentaries on TV commemorating her death, it was fate for Princess Diana to be on the cover. At the time of this release I just a baby. To read through and see the landscape of what was popular during that time was fascinating. The people, the stories, the events, the fashion. I’ve enjoyed reading about it.

One day in between classes in college, I stopped in Marshalls and found this book about former First Lady Michelle Obama’s fashion. I could not leave it on the shelf as it was a capsule of everything she had worn. For $4.99, it was definitely a keepsake that I would keep for years to come.

Two of my favorites are definitely Lauren Conrad’s Beauty and Style. I have read both multiple times. In fact, her style book is what encouraged me to change my style and make it my own. When I was in college I would spend money frivolously on clothing just because other people had it. I was putting on clothes to put on clothes, not really having a style of my own. The book is the ultimate reference for me as I’ve begun to really build a sophisticated wardrobe. What do I really need, and what should I be spending money on? I added Beauty to my collection to match the Style book and now I’ll have to buy her latest edition, Celebrate. 

There’s one book that I purchased that has been sitting on my shelf getting no love at all. What book? The Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual. This was during a phase where I watched a lot of beauty gurus on YouTube. This was actually before they were called “gurus” and before YouTube was the clickbait sensation it is today. The book is beautifully put together and compliments my Lauren Conrad books as far as a theme. I would put those three on a coffee table or a marble shelf. It’s more décor than anything.

As a music lover, I have to that really stand out to me. Chart Toppers is one that I saw at Barnes and Noble and always hesitated buying. I finally found it in the clearance section and I paid under $10. I love books that summarize a time period or a story. Yes, fast reading, but a collection of small stories are my favorite. I purchased the Soul Train book to add to my music collection. I purchased that on sale at Barnes & Noble as well. The retail price is $45 and I scored it for half the price. I couldn’t pass up on a book like that with Soul Train being such a huge part of not just music, but the African-American culture. Hell, it’s a culture in itself.

Hint Hint: Where there’s a sale, I’m there! 

In college I was a Broadcast Journalism major. While I studied a lot of radio and TV production, I studied the history behind it as well. My grandmother found a book for me that reminds me of my college days every time I look for it. For her, it’s a reminder of how far black people have come on the big screen. This picture book is one that not many would put on a coffee table. To me, the books you choose should compliment the space, but have a touch of your personality as well.

The selections above are what you’d find on my coffee table. Most coffee table books have a captivating cover and revolve around fashion, art, or home décor of some sort. What works for me, works for me right? I’d want something more functional that I’d actually pick up and read on a whim. That may be unconventional to others. Do I plan on buying more? Probably.

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