Hallway Closet Cleanout | Crush the Chaos

I know I am not the only person to have a junk closet. I mean, my intentions were good when I first started placing items inside. I had a place for the vacuum cleaner which then turned to 3 vacuum cleaners. I’d have a space for my seasonal items, which has now exploded into different areas. I’m a crafter so having items in bulk is ideal, but bulk items are scattered everywhere! One of my goals before the end of Summer 2017 is to get this space organized and functioning. It’s not meant to be picture perfect! This edition of Crush the Chaos shares the mess as is before I clean and organize it.

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How Did the Closet Get Out of Control?

This closet was once my closet. I had the shelving in my basement, I painted it, and used bins to organize my clothes. It then transitioned into a utility closet, but without organization, it quickly got out of control. It was meant to house seasonal décor and my vacuum and steam mop. Now it houses a multitude of papers that need to be purged and other overflow that has no system. Without a system in place everything keeps building on top of the other and the stacks get higher and higher. Worst case scenario? Everything falls over and I can no longer see the floor. Hence why it needs to be cleaned out.

Where to Start?

The issue with tackling a huge mess is not knowing where to start. The mess that I have is overwhelming. I can just close the door and it’ll be out of sight and out of mind. Realistically that can’t happen for me to accomplish the project. My top two tips?

  1. Take a deep breath. It’ll take some time, but it’ll get done. Turn on some music or listen to an audible. Hell, let a YouTube video play in the background. Whatever will keep you occupied while you’re cleaning.
  2. Do not take everything out at once. The worst thing you can do is take everything out and make a bigger mess. Tackle a section at a time and asses whether you want to donate/keep/toss. Stay on track and move clockwise or counterclockwise around the space.
  3. There’s no secret formula. When cleaning out a a space, it can be overwhelming. You can’t click your fingers and have an organized space like you see on YouTube.

Organizational Plan?

I will first assess what containers I have on hand and categorize based on that. I do not want to buy additional storage. I plan to recycle and reuse. For the shelving I have I plan to leave bulkier items. I have a china cabinet in this space that I will be turning into a full functioning craft closet. There’s so many ways I can maximize the space, I really need to map it out. The key to my organization is function. I do not just want to stack containers. I need to have easy access to items and see the floor at all times.

Want more organization tips? 

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