B6 Traveler’s Notebook Flip Through

I’ve cheated on my Happy Planner and I’ve officially switched to a traveler’s notebook. I still love the discbound system, but the size of the classic Happy Planner does not work for daily use. I needed something compact and something that works for everything. I wanted a central location to plan and journal. I am no traveler’s notebook guru, but I’ve finally found a system that works. Forget the pretty planning. I’ve found functional planner peace.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

Traveler’s Notebook I’m Using

I took a personal size Michaels traveler’s notebook and cut it down. I had Teresa Collins mini journals, sized 5″ by 7″. The width was perfect with the Michaels traveler’s notebook once I cut it. This size is considered a B6. Since I am new to this size, I have yet to upgrade to a more luxurious cover.


The Teresa Collins notebooks came in a set of 3 mini journals: lined, dot grid, and grid. The lined is what I’m using as a planner. I started with just  a week on a page but now use a week on two pages. I have a running to do list on one side of the page. The other has any appointments I may have, a blog checklist, any birthdays, when I fill up my tank, etc. I use the dot grid and grid notebooks for journaling.


The dot grid pin points special days that I want to remember and personal reflections. The grid is a journal of what I’m watching. I used Wendaful Designs printables for my TV shows. I highlighted the episodes watched and left space to write what I thought about the show. I also wrote about the Princess Diana documentaries. Of course I had to include the Steelers schedule. I was inspired to keep it simple and write it out by @msjessink on Instagram.

For additional space, I use my journaling cards that have been neglected. This works great in both my planning and journaling notebooks. For my football schedule, I needed a spot for the preseason games so I put it on a journaling card. The front of that journaling card has a key that will help me annotate wins and losses throughout the season. I have larger journaling cards that I use throughout my weekly spreads if something special is happened such as this past week, the solar eclipse. You can use washi tape for tip ins, but lately I’ve been loving clear tape.

Since planning this past month I prefer to stick to 3 inserts opposed to seeing how many I can squeeze into one cover. I found myself not using my traveler’s notebook before because of that. I have my journals and my planner. It gets thicker from all the goodies I add to it.

What’s Inside

Before fully setting up this traveler’s notebook I created dashboards. My dashboard inspiration comes from a number of planners on Instagram such as @PlannerChan and @Kelz_Planz. I used scrapbook paper, acetate, and some self laminating sheets I had on hand.

Copy of Copy of HP + Plum Paper tn1

The target adhesive pockets are definitely one of my favorite additions. If you can get your hands on them they’re $3 for 20. They’re usually put out in around back to school. Get them while you can. I used them for additional storage for my stickers. I have used these pockets throughout my planner on dashboards and for additional storage on the back cover.

TN3When planning, reuse what you have! I took a CD case that was in the back of  scrapbook I wasn’t using and made it a pocket on the inside of the front cover. I filled it with stickers and other embellishments that stand out to me. I will refresh this space every now and then as it’s the first thing I see when I open my planner.

I was inspired to really take control of my planning and what I used by @LegalizeGlitter on Instagram. My sticker sheets I custom made myself. To do this, take an old sticker sheet and pick and choose the stickers you want. I was able to go through my stash and choose stickers that were being neglected. Out of sight, out of mind. I’ll use them more and once the sheet is empty, I add more.tn2

I love @Keyloveswashi on Instagram and she makes amazing pockets for her traveler’s notebook. I went in my stash to see what I had to create one for myself. I simply decorated a gift bag I scored on clearance from Jo-Ann’s with stickers and washi tape. I then created more custom sticker sheets and stuck them inside. My grandmother made me an amazing pocket dashboard. I decided it’d be the perfect spot for washi samples. A great way to create these samples? Cut a chopping mat from Dollar Tree, wrap your washi, and voila!

Die cuts are another popular item in traveler’s notebooks, well planners in general. A lot of designs can be found in Facebook groups as free printables. There are plenty that you’ll find in your local craft store as well. To print die cuts you could do this on photo paper for additional thickness or cardstock. They are sold on Etsy as well.

A lot of what I included can be found at your local craft store such as Michaels, JoAnn Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, and AC Moore. Of course each location will be different so shop around and don’t forget the clearance sections! To purchase some of what I have inside of my traveler’s notebook, check out the links below:

Ready to set up a planner?

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