New Work Bag + Organization

With a new position, I have switched up my bag. I have found what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes I try to create too many organizers for myself. Yes, it’s possible to be OVER organized. With my work bag I’ve simplified the bag and what’s inside. I also have a bag that I typically wouldn’t use unless I was going to the beach, but it works!

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

What Bag am I Using?

At my previous job and with my previous work bag, I found myself having too many bags. I wanted to consolidate and carry one bag that would have my essentials, my lunch bag, and enough space for my planner. I decided to go with a tote which generally would not be my first choice. Tote bags are a bottomless pit. It’s easy for things to get lost, but I needed the space.

I usually only use tote bags for the beach. The structured base would allow me to lay things flat if I need to as well as pile in as much as I want. My bag was actually given to me by my grandmother. I told her I wasn’t sure when I would use it, but she told me I’d eventually find a use for it. She was right!

What’s Inside?

My lunch bag takes up the most space. I pack not only my lunch for work, but I bring snacks as well. I purchased my lunch bag from Target a few years ago and it’s held up quite well even with the constant use and maintenance. In addition to my lunch bag I keep my planner and occasionally a notebook or two depending on a project I’m working on. When I am working on projects for my blog, I love to use a monthly calendar I purchased from Dollar Tree. It’s the perfect size to map out all of my posts and slim enough to not take up a lot of space.

No matter what work bag I use now or in the future, I always need to have a bag for my essentials. This includes a mirror, Vaseline/lipstick, a comb, hand sanitizer, ibuprofen, Benadryl, a perfume, and anti-itch cream. Whether it’s hives or mosquito bites (darn allergies), the anti-itch cream is a life saver. I keep it all in a clear makeup bag so it’s easy I can see exactly what’s in there.

I clean my bag out once a week because it can get messy very quickly. I clean out all the wrappers and receipts (the obvious) as well as just using soap and water. I gently wipe down the inside and the outside as well, specifically the handles.

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