Motivational Monday | Whatever Keeps the Anxiety Away!

Life has been absolutely amazing. I can’t complain. Everything finally seems to be falling into place. I’ve shared my journey to finding a career throughout various blog posts. It can be difficult. It’s never been easy. The one thing that’s kept me going is my determination, support from my family, and most importantly my faith in God. Despite the peak of my life right now and how fulfilled I am, one thing that won’t stay away is my anxiety. I’ve had to think outside the box and find ways to keep it away and keep moving forward.


What gives me anxiety?

Well, it could be a number of things. Sometimes I can work myself up if I’m going somewhere. Talk about nerves on 1000. Then there’s being overwhelmed, which seems to be the cause as of late. Work has been great yet busy. It’s always better to be busy. Right?

You cannot play catch up!

I’ve struggled with tackling my massive to do list and juggling deadlines. It’s a huge adjustment that I’m getting better at, but at times it’s been a struggle. I’m beyond thankful to be in the position that I’m in. This is what I’ve been waiting for. I get to put both of my degrees to use on a daily basis. What’s better than that? I’ve had to learn quickly that perfection is not the end goal. I have to be diligent and precise in what I do and in doing so I’ll avoid errors along the way.

How do I keep the anxiety away? 

That’s been the biggest challenge. For me, crafting has always been a release for me. That’s not the case when I’m at work. When I’m at home and I feel overwhelmed, I’ll instantly start creating something. Whether it’s adding to my planner or some other project, it instantly takes my mind off what’s bugging me. Not that I don’t have to deal with what’s on my mind, but I’ll have a calmer approach when I do. I also have been really into football documentaries. Why not get lost in my favorite sport?

When I’m at work I find it helpful to play music or get up and step outside for some fresh air. I go to what I know will help me relax with the few minutes I take for a breather. I’ve also found listening to audibles to be helpful as well.

Anxiety for me comes at any moment. A lot of the times without warning. I’ve grown to have better control over it versus when I was younger. I would completely melt down and panic. All that did was leave me gasping for air, tears running down my face, and a massive headache afterwards. Yes, it’d be that bad. Lately it’s been all about stopping, taking a step back, and taking a deep breath. I’m always looking for ways to keep the anxiety away.

My latest remedy? Happiness! Happiness has made all the difference. I am no longer stressed or worried about things as I was before. Although it took me longer to get where I am, it was worth the wait!

Ready for another dose of Motivation?

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